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We’re all about making your job easier and having fun while we do it.

We’re about the journey. Because the journey is fun and invigorating and challenging. And the journey goes on. It’s evolving. It’s learning. It’s growing. The journey is what makes the experience. It’s what makes life worth living.

Do you want to grow your revenue by 15% this year and then shut it down? End the journey? Say, “we did it, that’s 15%, we can stop now”?

Or do you want to do more? To bring the spark back into your everyday? To achieve and succeed? To get excited about the wonders you’ll encounter every day you wake up and go to work?

We’re all about doing our best. And helping you do yours. And we can’t wait to meet you.

A global B2B marketing agency with offices in the U.S. and Canada

No more late night or early morning calls with an overseas B2B marketing agency.

Journey is based in Canada and serves clients around the globe, with the majority of our clients concentrated in the U.S. Our work culture champions flexibility and diversity of lifestyle. So, while our team primarily works from home, the three-hour distance between us makes it easy to meet up at our office in Kempenfelt Bay Professional Centre, Barrie, Ontario, to brainstorm ideas, tackle big initiatives, and obsess over a communal charcuterie board.

Our U.S. team works out of the Key Center in Buffalo, NY, just a few hours south of our Kempenfelt Bay office. Our satellite team works out of the Philippines.

Every member of our team is an artisan marketer at the top of their craft, whether it’s writing content that converts, designing visuals that inspire, or launching concepts that mobilize growth.

Work with a partner that knows your business

We only work with B2B brands that want to increase their revenue and the value of their business. We want to talk to…


Aftermarket Parts Suppliers


Facility Planning and Development Providers

3rd Party Equipment Service Providers

Educational Training and Certification Providers

Refurbished and Used Equipment Dealers

Sell more, of course.
But also get invigorated again.

We want to stand by your side watching your sales grow. We want to see your eyes light up with excitement at your own success, and we want to share our passion for the journey. The quintessence of life. You climb the mountain, but you have to come back down. Find another mountain to conquer. And another. The journey has you. There are possibilities around every dark bend and beyond each grueling plateau. Your whole life deserves the excitement of the journey, from the moment you wake up to the moment you rest.

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Feel good about who you choose to partner with

We treat people the way they want to be treated.

You’re not just like anyone else, and neither is your business. We know there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for your challenges. That’s why we seek to understand you and your business and treat you accordingly.

We never settle.

We’re not the “done and dusted” types. After we’ve written your content, designed your visuals, or launched a project for you, we take pride in going back to our work and improving upon it.

We’re analytical and value data.

Our words are good, but we aim to impress you with our numbers too. On every project we work on, we test before execution and analyze results afterward.

Actually, yes - we do care about money.

You work hard for it, and so do we. That’s why we ensure that you get back what you put in with us. One of our goals is to help your business generate a strong and steady cash flow to your pocket.

Work with people you like

 We’re a tight group of senior digital marketers who live and breathe creativity and the thrill of chasing measurable results.

We’re the piece your marketing team is missing. We are your marketing team.

No account managers. No sales team. Talk directly to the people building your business.

We live and work in Eastern Standard Time, so getting in touch with us is easy. Hop on Zoom or give us a call if you need to talk anything through between scheduled meetings (every couple of weeks).

We don’t want to work with strangers. Regular and open communication means success for you and us. We want to know you and your business because we’re on this journey together.

John Buie
Director of Strategy

John is a renowned speaker, strategist, and herald of business revenue growth.

He grew up on an apple farm in rural Canada, Farmers have limited resources. They have land and seasons. But they have abundant opportunities on that land in that season. The success lies in choosing the right seeds to sow. The farmer mentality has followed John on his journey, and he’s uniquely adept at identifying the right seed for businesses like yours to sow.

Early in his career John worked with Bob Young (founder of RedHat Software) and learned everything he could from the visionary creator of the SaaS business model. He’s carried that curiosity through his career, absorbing experience and insights from business leaders like Tom Fagrelius and Heinz Roesch, and marketing visionaries like Seth Godin and Avinash Kaushik.

When he’s not presenting at conferences and trade association meetings like the California Medical Instrumentation Association (CMIA), Independent Lab Dealers Association (ILDA), Pittsburgh Conference on Analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy (Pittcon), MD Expo, or Google’s Start-Up Weekend, he’s taking his family on far-flung adventures to experience the cultural mosaic of the world.

John is hungry for the challenge of helping grow your business.

Jason Hagerman
Editorial Director

Jason writes stories that move people. Not just your customers - of course they need to be engaged and compelled and empowered to act. But stories that move your team. Your employees. Your suppliers or distributors. You. The stories that surround your products and services. The stories that make your brand special. You know the stories. Jason knows how to set them on fire.

Jason is a cat person. And although his cats think his wife and kids are nice people, they prefer spending their time sitting on Jason’s keyboard or on his lap or on his shoulders or any other inconvenient place, as long as it gets them close.

When he’s not bringing your stories to life or leading the editorial department through message development for your brand, he’s taking his twins on journeys of exploration by canoe, bike, or old-fashioned foot power in the abundant nature surrounding Barrie, Ontario.

Jason’s unsolicited life advice: read the nearest Jeff Vandermeer book or invest in a membership to your local rock climbing gym.

Ged Dimacali
Art Director

Ged’s strengths lay in his ability to make imaginative and inspiring art out of images. After graduating from the University of Santo Tomas with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Major in Advertising Arts and Advertising, Ged served as a Creative Director for a decade and a half before bringing his skills over to Journey.

Besides his love for art, Ged is passionate about his heavy metal band and has one of the greatest guitar collections you’ll ever come across. When he’s not designing visuals that rock your world or shredding, he enjoys spending time with his two kids and his wife.

Outsource stressful, high-pressure work

B2B Lead Generation Marketing

With lead generation, we help you find customers that need your products. We show them how and why you’re light years ahead of your competitors. We show them how you take away their pain, solve their problem, and make their lives easier. We make them fall in love with your brand so you can easily make the sale.

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B2B eCommerce Growth Marketing

Your website is the salesperson who never sleeps. eCommerce doesn’t discriminate against a customer’s timezone, the customer type, or their geographical location - it’s available to your entire customer base 24/7.

We offer a journey to make the best of your eCommerce initiatives. Ready to tackle the summit?

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B2B Website Design

Web developers don’t build websites anymore. Well, they do, but they’re inefficient and expensive.

We believe websites should be built by marketers so every choice, every image, every word, and every asset points toward your goals.

That’s why we only build websites using Odoo. It allows you to integrate every part of your customers’ online experience with your brand’s unique sales propositions.

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B2B Brand Collaboration

Distributors and manufacturers can increase sales by working together.

We run a marketplace where distributors can make their audiences available to manufacturers, and manufacturers can capitalize on the relationships distributors have spent decades nurturing.

We facilitate brand collaborations and build win-win B2B brand collaborations. You sell more, they sell more, and we do all the work.

Are you a distributor or manufacturer with high revenue goals?

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B2B Branding

There’s a story behind your business. That story makes you unique and attractive to customers. It humanizes the business. Makes you relatable and approachable.

When you tell that story right and weave it consistently into your digital assets (your website, your email marketing), it’s a powerful sales tool.

It’s also a valuable internal asset. It reminds everyone in the business why you do what you do and what makes your workplace special. It reinvigorates the business. And it helps unify everyone who comes to work.

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B2B Cannabis Market Growth

Equipment and supply manufacturers, distributors, and service operators in the cannabis space have huge opportunities right now. We help businesses in all these areas grow in the cannabis boom.

The market is evolving quickly. And there are only two ways to grow, be acquired, or dominate:

1. Add a ton of work to your plate as you figure out how to grab more of the market.

2. Partner with Journey and let us do all the work while you watch the revenue come in.

What sounds better to you?

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B2B Google Ads for Lead Generation

You want to get more leads for your sales team to convert. B2B Google Ads for lead generation get you on the first page of your prospects’ Google search results so they’re more likely to visit your website, show you what they’re interested in, and give you their contact information.

Get the leads. Make the sales. Count your revenue growth.

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B2B Google Ads for eCommerce Growth

Make more eCommerce sales by attracting prospects the instant they tell Google they’re in-market for the products you sell.

Make it easy for prospects to see what you sell. Show them how easy it is so they have no choice but to buy from you. Steal customers from your competitors and make them loyal to your brand for the next decade.

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Collaborate with experts in your industry

We speak your language. We’ve worked closely over the last 15 years with businesses that manufacture, distribute, or service:

Laboratory equipment and supplies

Industrial equipment

Medical devices

Clinical diagnostic and test kits, reagents, and standards

Food processing equipment

Non-destructive and other testing equipment

Analytical instruments

Get results like them

Get beautiful omnichannel marketing campaigns that capture your customers’ attention everywhere they shop. See how other brands have increased their sales instantly below.

Yamato Scientific America's Transforming Cannabis

Yamato wanted to sell more spray dryers. See how Journey identified an enormous opportunity in the cannabis market and what we did to get Yamato the leads to increase revenue from spray dryer sales exponentially..

Read the Case Study

Scilogex's Year Long Omnichannel Marketing Onslaught

Scilogex and Journey worked together in 2021 to develop and execute a comprehensive, year-long marketing plan.

Read the Case Study

What do your peers think?

"When the conversation about hiring a marketing consultancy first came up, I admit I was hesitant. I wondered if it would be worth it. Would we see a return on our investment? But once we started working with Journey, I realized how much they streamlined our marketing process. Over two years later, the cost I was initially worried about seems like a steal."

Jeremy Linder,

CEO, Block Scientific

"As a small business, we have to wear many hats. With no dedicated, in-house marketing staff, our business was not realizing its full potential. Journey has filled that gap, and exceeded our expectations. They’ve developed a marketing strategy for us, built our new website, and they’re constantly looking for new opportunities to take work off our plates and help us grow."

Dan Donahue,

Peripheral Visions Inc.

"I’ve worked with a lot of marketing agencies in my career. None came close to impressing me as much as Journey has. The investment and amount of effort the team puts in every aspect of our campaigns is unlike anything I’ve experienced. Each member is incredibly knowledgeable within their role, and I know I can trust them 110%.

Kristen DeRosier,

Digital Marketing Manager, Daigger Scientific

Start early and get results faster

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  • You want to sell more. 
  • You want to increase the value of your business.
  • You want to Increase brand reach. 
  • You want more customers making more regular purchases. 
  • You want to run omnichannel marketing campaigns to beat out competitors.
  • You don't want to do more work.

Today is the day you look at your journey a whole different way. Call us to talk about where you go from here.

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