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Create a bottomless pool of B2B sales leads with this easy, repeatable, accountable blueprint!

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of the only B2B lead generation book you, your colleagues, and your staff need in 2024. Follow the 6-step blueprint from Imposters on the Zoom! to:​
  • Generate more sales leads
  • Convert more sales leads into customers
  • Nurture those customers into long-term sources of revenue for the business

Take Your Free Copy of Imposters on the Zoom! Chapters 1 and 2.

Read the first two chapters of the B2B marketing book that makes generating leads and revenue easy and automatic.

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Imposters on the Zoom!

Here’s exactly what you get from Imposters on the Zoom!​​

1. A clear, simple, proven blueprint with just 6-steps to drive sales leads, with clear steps and expectations for owners and operators, marketing and sales leaders, and junior marketing and sales professionals.

2. Diagrams, templates, and samples for each step in the strategy so you know exactly what you and your team are doing and how (no stress, just follow the steps)

3. Clear direction and accountability for everyone involved in lead generation, sales, and leadership, so the entire team is on the same page and working as a profit-driving machine.

4. Mastery over your time. Run better marketing and sales meetings. Create valuable assets faster. Scale your lead generation efforts with less time commitment, mental energy, and financial risk. 

5. The confidence to overcome imposter syndrome forever. Few, if any, of your competitors are doing this properly, and you’ll be the case study in doing things right.

6. Peace and security. No more carrying stress home from work. You know you’re doing 150% of what’s needed to generate the leads your business or employer needs to stay profitable and grow predictably and manageably.

7. A lead generation tech stack buildout to improve productivity and accountability within the business, and also make it easier for prospects to turn into hot leads, then lifelong customers.

8. A hands-off professional development program that helps marketers, sales reps, and leaders get better at the crossroads of their roles, but also helps everyone learn new and valuable insights into the industry quickly.

9. Simple instructions about using AI in B2B.  Low risk AI applications that contribute directly and measurably to lead generation and revenue, without requiring anyone in the organization to be an AI expert (or even an AI user).  

If there is one feeling which many people around the world have had to deal with in their lives, it is imposter syndrome. That feeling of pure doubt, where a person feels as if they don’t belong in the job or situation which they are currently in. It is a natural feeling to contend with, and finding the means of overcoming that doubt and realizing they belong where they are is all part of the overall journey a person must face.

This is the sentiment authors John Buie and Jason Hagerman hope to bring to their readers in the book Imposters on the Zoom!: Your 90 Day, Step-by-Step Plan to Skyrocket Sales Leads and Overcome the Imposter Syndrome Stifling Your B2B Marketing and Sales Results.

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“There’s not enough time in the day to do everything I need. I’m a 1 person team with two large brands to look after. I exclusively rely on these 6-steps now because I can get a lot more done every day without losing lead generation momentum. It’s by far the best system I’ve used.”

Kristen DeRosier
Marketing Manager, Weber Scientific

“We used to get ten online leads in a month. Now we get 10x that. That’s all the proof I need to know this works.”

Yoichi Horie
President, Yamato Scientific America Inc.

“This book has given me the gift of time. Now, I can focus on running my business, giving the labs that trust us the best possible service, knowing our marketing is delivering the sales leads that fuel new customer growth.” 

Jeremy Linder
CEO, Block Scientific Inc.

Get help with the most challenging parts of your job so you can be happier and less stressed at work and at home
…from chapter 1…

“In these pages we aren't talking about Zappos, Tesla, Apple, Dollar Shave Club, or some other behemoth. 

This is about the business you're running. Or trying to run. Or building your career in. From two employees to 200. Growing manageably. Adding profits without adding costs.

Sales leads are like weight loss for B2Bs. There's a ton of bad advice out there. Lots tha'll even tank your business. Lots that's not practical. Scroll down your feed on whatever social media platform you prefer. See the thread that says:

  • 5 minutes reading this will get you more sales leads than anything else you do this month. 


  • These three tricky help me capture 100 sales leads every week, and you can start using them today for free

If only it was that easy."