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Your B2B Marketing Consultants for Strategy, Business Growth, and Market Expansion

Engage John Buie and Jason Hagerman, Authors and Founders of Journey, to find weak spots in your customer journey, product positioning, and revenue potential. Get coaching for your team and triple their value to your business.

Get help solving business problems that limit your growth, revenue, and profits.

You want the business to grow. But you don’t know where to start.

You’ve been in the business too long. Entrenched. 

You need fresh eyes. 

Here’s why you should trust ours


1. 15 years in every corner of B2B gives us unique insights into your challenges.


2. On average, partners who engage in consulting with us grow an additional 10% annually.


3. We’re colleagues. Not cronies. We only succeed if you do.

We help leaders make impactful changes to the way they think and operate. To escape stagnation and reinvigorate the business and the people in it.

Who are you?

You’re an owner or senior leader of a medium-sized enterprise, with revenue anywhere from $50M USD to $500M USD. 

You have the budget and resources to be agile and change where needed.

You’re optimistic, open to learning, capable of absorbing feedback and hearing hard truths. 

Sound like you? Let’s talk

Here’s what we can do.

Here’s what we can do.

  • Audit your 3rd party agency. Not sure if you’re paying for snake oil? Find out.
  • Audit or build your product launch strategy. Locate gaps and fill them.
  • Audit or build your annual inbound sales lead strategy. See if you’re doing enough.
  • Audit your ecommerce conversion rate optimization. For companies already selling minimum $100k/month via ecommerce.
  • Build your market expansion strategy.
  • Run an industry-specific SEO analysis. So you can pilfer organic web traffic from your competitors.
  • Audit employees and create individualized growth plans. Because time is your most valuable commodity. 
  • Course-correct your flailing paid ads campaigns. Just because you have a paid ads expert on the team doesn’t mean they’re a paid ads expert for your customers. 
  • Positioning for your products or entire brand. Positioning is even more important in B2B than B2C.
  • Audit your sales funnel. Find out what you’re doing right. Wrong. + what to fix and how to fix it.

Want to talk about something else? Book a quick chat to see if we can help. And if we can’t, we’ll refer you to a friend who can.

Let’s set up a chat

How do we work together?

No need for surprises or secrets. 

There are 5 steps to most consulting engagements with us.


We’re going to get on Zoom and talk about your business. What you’re worried about or interested in. What you want to achieve. We’re going to learn about you. You will learn about us. And we’ll both have a chance to decide if we’re a fit for each other.

SWOT analysisSWOT analysis

Driven by our initial conversation, we’ll deliver a SWOT analysis. We’ll work closely together to move this initial analysis to a final document.

The workThe work

Based on the SWOT analysis and your desired outcome (you want a product launch strategy, or a review of your paid ads campaign) we’ll complete the work. And deliver the results to you in a Zoom presentation. The presentation is yours, and you can use it however you see fit (to train future staff, to show shareholders you’re busting your ass, etc…)

The documentThe document

Everything we do will be compiled in a final document. This is a written, actionable plan for you or your team to implement. It’s a step-by-step template showing what to do, when, why, and how.


If your engagement with us results in an actionable strategy (ie - it’s not an audit of your external agency), a separate 90-minute training session will be done over Zoom with your marketing staff or agency. This will be recorded and given to your team for both review, and in case you need to on board new team members in the future or for other reasons you are not ready to kick-off the strategy internally.

In some cases we deviate from the workflow outlined above. Occasionally, we’re available for open-ended support and advice. We decide that collaboratively with consulting partners case-by-case.

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  • We help B2B brands snag a lager share of the market and increase the reciprocal value in every customer interaction. Some of our friends include…

Here are some common situations we engage in.

A previous CMO/director left the company. To some people there’s a void, but to you, it’s an opportunity for positive change

There's a business owner. A sales director. But neither have the marketing or process expertise to overcome stagnating growth.

Significant attempts at growth have failed, with substantial cash and opportunity losses.

Cash was burned on failed marketing campaigns, expensive and underutilized SAAS apps, staff, and agencies.

There is a lack of clarity over the tangible impact of current or future marketing, leaving leadership unable to identify how to scale.

What’s your situation?

Here are some common situations we engage in.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Q: What’s my financial commitment?

A: As with everything, the cost varies. Open ended partnerships with weekly Zoom calls average $75K USD/Mo. Many of the audits and other reviews listed above live in the range of $60k USD.

Q: Can we meet face-to-face?

A: Of course. At some point. But we don’t do regular in-person engagements.

Q: Can I hire you as a fractional CMO?

A: Maybe. Let’s talk about it.

Q: For real though. Why should I trust you with my revenue?

A: We also run a marketing agency. The average client turnover time for marketing agencies in our niche is 3 years. We currently have a 100% retention rate of clients over 5 years and a 95% retention rate over 8 years. We have longevity because we get results.