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Respond to customers instantly and make more B2B sales with low-risk AI

Get a custom, managed AI chatbot that knows your business, products, and customer applications like the back of its circuit board. Adopt the most impactful use for AI in B2B marketing and sales in 2024.

  • Stop asking customers to weed through product lists and spec tables to learn what products suit their application.
  • Let your custom, secure AI walk them through a short conversation that shows them what they need.
  • Respond the instant they're ready to purchase, so you stop losing sales to faster competitors.

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Add a ton of sales leads and revenue to your business within 90 days

*and take an equal amount of stress & work off your plate.

What is Journey?

Journey is the B2B consulting agency behind the uber successful sales lead generating strategy detailed in
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We help B2B manufacturers, distributors, and service providers achieve sustained revenue growth while avoiding revenue dead zones.

Deploy the 6-step revenue ​​​​growth system with your staff

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Meet your B2B lead generation journeymen

Make it easier for your customers to spend budget with your business.

  • Share the right message
  • In the right way
  • At the right time
  • In the right place
  • …with our help
John Buie

John Buie

Director of Strategy

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Jason Hagerman

Editorial Director

Ged DImacali

Ged Dimacali

Design Director

We help B2B brands claim a larger share of the market and increase the reciprocal value in every customer interaction

What does that mean?

It means you’re not trying to take your customer for a quick buck. You’re building relationships, so you and your customers can succeed together. All winners. No losers. 

How does it work?

We help you remove friction wherever possible.

  • On your website.
  • In your lead generation.
  • In your product positioning.
  • In your customer nurturing lifecycle.
  • In your active buyer journeys.

When you make it easy for your customers to understand the most significant value your products give, easy for them to remember you, and easy for them to act when they’re ready, you help them succeed. 

And when your customers succeed, you succeed.

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Here are some common situations we engage in with B2B owners

  • A previous CMO/director left the company. To some people there’s a void. To you, it’s an opportunity for positive change.

  • The business needs an AI strategy, but the internal team lacks the technical skills to deploy and manage AI systems.

  • There's a business owner. A sales director. But neither have the marketing or process expertise to overcome stagnating growth.

  • Significant attempts at growth have failed, with substantial cash and opportunity losses.

  • Cash was burned on failed marketing campaigns, expensive and underutilized SaaS apps, staff, and agencies.

  • There is a lack of clarity over the tangible impact of current or future marketing, leaving leadership unable to identify how to scale.

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What is Journey AI for B2B?

Journey AI is the proprietary artificial intelligence chatbot we build and maintain for B2B manufacturers and distributors. 

It’s custom built for you and actively managed by actual humans. It compresses the sales cycle for your team and your distributors. And merges seamlessly with your current tech stack.


  • Respond to customers faster...
  • And ease the burden of product research...
  • So you serve them better...
  • Give them a better buying experience than your competitors...
  • Reduce demand on your sales and customer service teams... 

And make more sales!


Learn the easiest way to deploy AI in B2B

Live Chat

Average response time > 15 seconds.

Average chat length > 11 minutes.

Burden on internal resources. 

Disruptive to staff.

Limited to business hours.

Decision Tree

Average response time < 5 seconds.

 Average chat length > 1 minute.

Does not scale with large/complex data input.

Can not answer application-specific questions.

Journey AI

Average response time
< 1 second.

Average chat length < 1 minute.

Understands context. Adjusts responses in real time.

Understands how products relate to applications.

See how Journey AI shoulders your sales team’s most time-consuming burden

So you never have to hire another mediocre sales applicant again, and your existing expert team can close more high-value sales.

Learn how Journey AI qualifies prospects & recommends solutions

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Increase your revenue and the value of your business the easy way​

We help businesses and the people behind them earn more money.

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