B2B Brand Collaborations

Manufacturers gain the trust of prospects instantly. Sell more of the products you want to sell. Block your competitors from gaining the same trust. Do more marketing, and increase revenue, but don’t add any extra work to your plate.

Distributors increase sales with every category of customer. Capture more new lads. Get your manufacturers to pay for your marketing. Increase your revenue without increasing your marketing spend or your workload.

B2B Brand Collaborations

Get prospects to trust you without nurturing them for years

Collaborating with a distributor that’s already built customer relationships instantly gives you their customers’ trust.

You work with distributors because: 

  • They do all the hard work to earn and grow customer trust.
  • They expand the reach of your products. 
  • They get you more sales. 
  • They help grow your brand. 

Launch a collaboration with any distributor on the Collaborating Company marketplace (part of the Journey Group) to make full use of that customer trust and supercharge your brand recognition, reach, and revenue with their customers.


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Get manufacturers to pay for your marketing

Your customer relationships are valuable. You spent years nurturing them. Providing good service and advice. Making sure your customers can get what they need when they need it. The audience you built is one of the most qualified, valuable audiences a manufacturer can market to. And they will pay for it with B2B brand collaboration.

Here’s how you do it.

We put your audiences on the Collaborating Company marketplace.

We get your manufacturers to sign on.

We build, launch, report on the campaign.

You watch your revenue grow on someone else’s marketing budget.


Block your competitors from marketing key products to valuable prospects with their own B2B brand collaborations

Just like you work with other distributors, they also work with other manufacturers. And you share marketing space and sales with those manufacturers. Unless you don’t want to.

There are very few slots available in distributor marketing calendars for specific product categories. In fact, most categories only get one focused omnichannel marketing campaign every year. That means if you want to sell more lab baths, you can claim the year’s lab baths marketing campaign for yourself - stopping your competitors from marketing lab baths to your distributors audience for the entire year.

Tell us about your goals for each collaboration on a 20-minute Zoom call.

We build and launch your campaigns.

We track and report on your results.

You receive praise from your colleagues for doing amazing work.


Increase the quality of your marketing and watch your revenue skyrocket

“I’ve worked with a lot of marketing agencies in my career. None came close to impressing me as much as Journey has. The investment and amount of effort the team puts in every aspect of our campaigns is unlike anything I’ve experienced. Each member is incredibly knowledgeable within their role, and I know I can trust them 110%.”

Kristen DeRosier
Digital Marketing Manager, Daigger Scientific Inc.


Do more marketing but don’t add any work to your plate

All you do is point and click. We do all the work that brings your campaign to life and tracks the results. So you get:

An omnichannel marketing campaign with assets that last a full year on your distributor’s website.

Custom digital assets that make your campaign unique and memorable.

Campaign banners, blog content, and long-term marketing assets that sell your products for 12 months.

Compelling marketing messaging that positions your products as the only choice for purchasers.

Paid ad campaigns that put your products where qualified prospects look for them.

Reports that verify the value of your marketing spend and show off your success to your manager, director, or staff.


Do more marketing without doing more work (or spending more)

Your days are already busy. Increasing the amount of marketing outreach you do to customers and prospects seems impossible. So get someone else to do it while you get all the rewards.

Work with Collaborating Company, part of the Journey Group, on your B2B brand collaboration and get someone else to:

Plan and organize your marketing calendar every year.

Administer your collaboration marketing program so you don’t have to do any additional financial work.


Test your campaigns to make sure they work as intended before going live.

Sell your collaborations to your manufacturers so they pay for your marketing.

Consult with manufacturers to organize the details of their campaigns.


Launch every collaboration on time and synchronously across multiple channels.

Sell your collaborations to new manufacturers that want to increase revenue from your audience.

Create all the assets related to every marketing collaboration you launch - words, images, website integrations, audience groups.

Monitor and report on results to your manufacturers so they sign on for more collaborations and subsidize even more of your marketing.


Easily find new, high-value audiences that are ready to buy your products

The distributors you work with right now might have strong sales on the East Coast, but not the West. They might have a good customer base in cannabis, but not cell culture.

A B2B brand collaboration allows you to partner with distributors who have established trust with purchasers in areas you want to sell more to and break into those areas more quickly and easily than any other way.

Customers have already decided to purchase your class of instruments from the distributors with available collaborations here. You can piggyback on that established relationship to increase your revenue in key markets instantly.

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Eliminate the risk that comes with new B2B relationships

“The biggest compliment I could give Journey is the number of times I’ve recommended them to fellow business leaders. In the past two years, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve encouraged other groups to reach out to the team. I’m proud to let others know of the many ways they’ve helped Yamato USA transform our marketing approach. We have had such a positive experience working with them, and they’ve become an extension of our in-house marketing team.”

Yoichi Horie
President & CEO, Yamato Scientific America 

Get early access to a $42 billion opportunity

Manufacturers can leverage B2B brand collaborations to sell more of the products they want to audiences that are more likely to buy than any other.

Distributors can subsidize their marketing, increase the amount of marketing they do, and grow their revenue with the backing of smart manufacturers.

Everyone sells more. Everyone wins. And nobody (but Journey) does any extra work.

All you have to do is say yes.

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