B2B Google Ads for eCommerce Growth

Sell more products to buyers who are in-market right now. Break their brand loyalty to your competitors and turn them into repeat customers for your brand. Spend your money where you can track every cent and its return. Take a journey to explosive revenue.

B2B Google Ads for eCommerce Growth
Sell more without doing more work.

Sell more without doing more work.  Use B2B Google Ads for eCommerce.

There are only so many hours in a day and you’re already stretched thin. You want to do more so your revenue grows, but you can’t take on the cost and responsibility of hiring a new staff member. So how do you sell more without doing more work?

Tell us what you want to sell more of and we’ll build you a profitable B2B Google Ads for eCommerce program where you can track the revenue every cent you spend brings back to your business.

Your competitors are doing it. It’s about time you did too.

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Reach a wider audience that’s ready to purchase, then turn them into repeat customers.

Reach a wider audience that’s ready to purchase, then turn them into repeat customers.

Google Search Ads  

Prospects are searching right now for your products. Google Search Ads put your website at the top of the search results page right now, so those prospects see what they want from you and convert into leads, then customers.

Google Shopping Ads

Shopping ads show your products with images and prices right on the search results page. They increase the chances a prospect will purchase from your eCommerce store and become a regular customer.

Do more marketing. Reach more prospects. And take work off your plate.

It takes a lot of time, energy, technical wizardry, audience awareness, and creativity to launch and keep your campaign on track for maximum return on investment.

Here’s the work you won't have to do:

Crafting your campaigns from the ground up. That means building audience groups, configuring demographics, cataloging positive and negative keywords, configuring ads, writing copy, and a ton more…every month.

Monitoring, optimizing, and scrutinizing your spending regularly so your budget goes as far as it can.

Monitoring shifting purchaser trends so your ads stay on the cutting edge with best practices.

Refining the keywords in your campaigns over and over to weed out searches that reveal themselves as low value.

Tracking conversions so you know your return on investment to the cent.

Regularly reviewing ad quality scores to make improvements to strategies and maximize your return on investment.

Making budget increase or decrease decisions when the outcome could see your sales grow.

Generating reports so you can see exactly where your money goes and how it contributes to revenue growth.

What our B2B Google Ads for eCommerce Growth customers say

"When the conversation about hiring a marketing consultancy first came up, I admit I was hesitant. I wondered if it would be worth it. Would we see a return on our investment? But once we started working with Journey, I realized how much they streamlined our marketing process. Over two years later, the cost I was initially worried about seems like a steal."

Jeremy Linder,

CEO, Block Scientific

Take customers away from your competitors with B2B Google Ads for eCommerce growth.

Your ads include everything prospects need to break their existing brand loyalty, and then some. 

 You get a full suite of Google Ad extensions at no extra cost. These are extra ad configurations and customizations that make your ads more attractive and easier for prospects to interact with. We configure, monitor, and update ad extensions for you, including:

Call extensions

These allow prospects to view your phone number right in the ad, and tap or click to call your business directly. Call extensions significantly improve the success of your ads.

Structured snippet extensions

Prospects are shown additional information about your products/services before they click on your ad. Your ads are more compelling than your competitors when they include this extra (at no extra cost).

Image extensions

Relevant pictures stop prospects in their tracks. Your ads have rich imagery that compel potential buyers to click through to your website over competitors, even if those competitors are bigger brands that spend more money on ads.

Price extensions

Show prospects how competitive your prices are right on the search results page. They get more information they need to make a purchasing decision faster, and that makes them more likely to choose you over competitors that don’t share this information freely.

Promo extensions

Your future customers can see any promotions you’re running right on the search results page. It’s your most attractive messaging and this is how you make sure they see it and spring into action.

Unique sitelinks

URLs that point to pages relevant to the search term, not a catch-all page that won’t convert.

Your ads only display to prospects who are interested in your products. And you only pay when they click.

Don’t pay for people to glance at your ads, like some rundown highway billboard. Pay for qualified prospects to visit your eCommerce website when they’re searching for what you offer.

Target the right demographics

Target the right demographics

Your ads only show up for people in the demographics you want to sell to. If you don’t want them to (and you shouldn’t want them to), they won’t show up to a 22-year-old grad student looking for information for an essay they’re writing. There are dozens of demographic configurations we set up to maximize your visibility to the right audience.

Only pay for clicks

Only pay for clicks

You don’t pay for people to see your ads. You pay for people to click them. Your ads might be seen by tens of thousands of prospects every month, but only a fraction of them click the ad. And that’s all you pay for. The added benefit of high visibility is that even users who don’t click your ads have a chance of visiting your site directly later.

Get results today

Get results today

We set your campaign to start today and it’s there for prospects to see today. It’s the fastest way to get to the top of Google search results for keywords that bring you sales.

Your ads are adjusted based on data showing success

Your ads are adjusted based on data showing success

B2B Google Ads for eCommerce growth collect data over time that are valuable for optimizing the campaign. Use that data to adjust where your budget goes. B2B Google Ads for eCommerce growth collect data over time that are valuable for optimizing the campaign. Use that data to adjust where your budget goes.

Adjusting the strategy

To maximize your return on ad spend (ROAS), we evaluate different strategies - maximizing your conversions or chasing a specific target ROAS.

Adjusting the audiences

Some audience groups perform notably better than others. As this is revealed through your ongoing campaigns, we integrate that data into the configuration of each campaign to improve your results.

Adjusting the devices

Yes, you can choose the devices your ads display on. Some of our clients see great results from ads displayed on mobile devices. Others do better on laptops. We update this targeting constantly.

Adjusting geographies

You can remove your ad budget from low performing parts of the country and reallocate it to show more ads to places where your campaign is on fire.

Adjusting the timing

Your prospects and customers have shopping trends. Maybe they do most of their purchasing between 8:00 am and 10:00 am. We’ll learn and apply specific timing where your budget goes into overdrive so you capture more of those customers at the right time of day.

Prospects get all the information they need in one place

More information, properly formatted and recorded in your ads, compels prospects to act. We pack your ads full of information like:

  • Product category.
  • Product type. 
  • Product title.
  • Product price.
  • Promotions.
  • Links.
  • Product description.
  • Images.
  • Shipping weight.
  • Shipping country of origin.
  • Product highlights.

We’re a Google Partner. That means you get the benefits of our decades of experience working with Google and making sure our customers B2B Google Ads for eCommece sales achieve the success they want.

Prospects get all the information they need in one place

Tracking and understanding your return on ad spend (ROAS) is easy

Tracking and understanding your return on ad spend (ROAS) is easy

How do you know the impact your ad spend is having so you can report your results back to your director or board? Real data and mathematical modeling combined into something we call attribution models.

B2B Google Ads for eCommerce growth get the most accurate ROAS data from “position-based attribution.” We collect data on a user's online activities - when they saw your ad, when they clicked it, what they did next, when they purchased - and apply the model to determine how much weight their engagement with your ads should account for in their purchase.

You don’t have to do the modeling. You just have to look at the report and pat yourself on the back for making a smart decision.

Book a call and we’ll show you how it works

Book a call and let’s talk about your B2B Google Ads for eCommerce growth journey

Book a call and let’s talk about your B2B Google Ads for eCommerce growth journey

You need to do this because your competitors are.

You only pay for the people that click your ads and visit your site. And those prospects are 50% more likely to purchase from you when they click on an ad in Google.

You only need to say yes. We do the rest.

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