B2B Google Ads for Lead Generation

Get more leads and make your sales team happy. Entice leads away from your competitors. Sell more without doing more work, and find more leads that become repeat customers. Make sure your brand is everywhere it should be when prospects are in-market to purchase. Take a journey to explosive revenue.

B2B Google Ads for Lead Generation

Get more leads and make your sales team happy

Get more leads and make your sales team happy

B2B Google Ads for lead generation bring back your existing customers more often, recruit new leads that never would have found you otherwise, and divert leads that were on their way to purchase from your competitors.

Your business has everything it needs to close sales. Your team is sharp and knows its stuff. Your messaging is refined. You have the right mix of lab equipment. You know your customers’ pain and how to make their lives easier. You just want more leads to work your magic on.

B2B Google Ads for lead generation get you those leads today. Want to know exactly how?

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I’ve worked with a lot of marketing companies over the course of my career. But when I met the team at Journey, I knew they were different. That’s why, after more than 12 years, I’m still working with them. They’ve proven they’re as invested in Scilogex’s success as I am. Three companies, six websites, and countless campaigns later, they’re still the only team I trust with my marketing.

Mike Williams
President, Scilogex

Sell more without doing more work. 

It takes a lot of time, energy, technical wizardry, audience awareness, and creativity to launch and keep your B2B Google Ads for lead generation campaigns on track for maximum return on investment.

Here’s the work we take off your shoulders:

Crafting your campaigns

Crafting your campaigns from the ground up. That means building audience groups, configuring demographics, cataloging positive and negative keywords, configuring ads, writing copy, and a ton more…over and over every month.

Monitoring, optimizing, and scrutinizing

Monitoring, optimizing, and scrutinizing your spending regularly so your budget goes as far as it can.


Evaluating shifting purchaser trends so your ads stay on the cutting edge with best practices.

Refining the keywords in your campaigns over and over to weed out searches that reveal themselves as low value.

Tracking conversions

Tracking conversions so you know your return on investment to the cent.

Reviewing ad

Regularly reviewing ad quality scores to make improvements to strategies and maximize your return on investment. 

Budget increase or decrease

Making budget increase or decrease decisions when the outcome could see your sales or return on investment grow.

Generating reports

Generating reports so you can see exactly where your money goes and how it contributes to revenue growth.

Turn Google searches into leads

Turn Google searches into leads

We’re a Google Partner. That means you get the benefits of our decades of experience working with Google and making sure our customers B2B Google Ads for lead generation achieve the success they want.

How often do you click past the first page of search results when you’re looking for information or products to purchase? Every Google search is a potential lead and not showing up on the first page puts your business as a huge disadvantage.

When you sign on for B2B Google Ads for lead generation, your ads show up with bold headlines, compelling messaging, and empowering calls to action right on the first search results page. The only place you want to be.

Level the playing field with your most powerful competitors

Think of your marketing like a football game. Without B2B Google Ads for lead generation, the field is tilted. Your big brand competitors are always at an advantage, and you always have to fight uphill.

When you use B2B Google Ads for lead generation, all things are equal. It comes down to the actual value you offer prospects.

Your pricing.

Your experience in their niche.

Your service.

Your relationship building. 

Your responsiveness.

Your people.

Your understanding of their pain.

Your story.

To a lot of big brands, leads are just numbers. To you, they’re human and they represent important growth for your business. So make them yours. 

Entice customers away from your competitors

Using all the right tools and configurations gives you the best chance of breaking customer loyalty to your competitors and bringing those customers to you. You get a full suite of Google Ad extensions at no extra cost.  

These are extra ad configurations and customizations that make your ads more attractive and easier for prospects to interact with. With B2B Google Ads for lead generation, we configure, monitor, and update ad extensions including:

Unique sitelinks

URLs that point to pages relevant to the search term, not a catch-all page that won’t convert.

Call extensions

These allow prospects to view your phone number right in the ad, and tap or click to call your business directly. Call extensions significantly improve the success of your ads.

Structured snippet extensions

Prospects are shown additional information about your products/services before they click on your ad. Your ads are more compelling than your competitors when they include this extra (at no extra cost).

Image extensions

Relevant pictures stop prospects in their tracks. Your ads have rich imagery that compel potential buyers to click through to your website over competitors, even if those competitors are bigger brands that spend more money on ads.

Location extensions

Customers want to know you’re real. To humanize your brand. To put a face to the name, in a way. That starts with knowing where you are. There’s a legitimacy that comes from knowing you have a home and customers could drop by if they want (even if it’s just your warehouse).

Only pay for leads that actually become leads

Don’t pay for people to glance at your ads, like a billboard. Pay for qualified prospects to visit your website when they’re searching for what you offer. Prospects that arrive on your website after clicking B2B Google Ads for lead generation are 50% more likely to purchase than users who find you organically.

Target the right demographics

Target the right demographics

Your ads only show up for people in the demographics you want to sell to. They won’t show up to an 18 year old student looking for information for an essay they’re writing that happens to type in a keyword you’re targeting. There are dozens of demographic configurations we set up to maximize your visibility to the right audience.

Only pay for clicks

Only pay for clicks

You don’t pay for people to see your ads. You pay for people to click them. Your ads might be seen by tens of thousands of prospects every month, but only a fraction of them click the ad. And that’s all you pay for. The added benefit of high visibility is that even users who don’t click your ads have a chance of visiting your site directly later.

Get results today

Get results today

We set your campaign to start today and it’s there for prospects to see today. It’s the fastest way to get to the top of Google search results for keywords that bring you sales.

Start capturing more leads today and keep capturing them every day

Start capturing more leads today and keep capturing them every day

You need to do this because your competitors use B2B Google Ads for lead generation.

You only pay for the people that click your ads and visit your site. And those prospects are 50% more likely to purchase from you when they click on an ad in Google.

More leads mean more sales, more repeat customers, and your most successful quarter yet (until the next quarter). More leads make your business more valuable.

You only need to say yes. We do the rest.

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