B2B Appointment Setting

Free up 55% of your sales reps’ time. Make them happy and more valuable to your business. Increase your sales appointment bookings without hiring new staff. Reduce the cost of every sales call. Make prospects more receptive to sales appointments. Increase your revenue without taking on longer or more stressful days.

Free more than half of your sales reps’ day

If your sales team is like every other sales team on the planet, they spend just one-third of their day actually talking to prospects. Where does the rest of the time go?

  • A little over 20% goes to writing emails.

  • 17% goes to entering data.

  • Another 17% of the day goes to prospecting and researching leads.

  • 12% goes to internal meetings.

  • About 12% goes to scheduling calls.

By signing on for B2B appointment setting, you free up 55% of your sales reps’ time. They can’t follow the ABC’s (Always Be Closing) if they only have ⅓ of their day to work with prospects. Free them up to close more sales and watch your profits soar.

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Make your sales reps more valuable to your business (and happier too)

Your sales team is most valuable to the business when they spend their time engaged with high-potential prospects. And what a great coincidence - they prefer spending their time doing that too. B2B appointment setting takes care of most of the mundane stuff they don’t want to do in the day. That means…

Happy sales reps

More sales

Happy you

Get more sales appointments without hiring new staff 

Most of your sales team will agree that prospecting is the most challenging part of the sales process. Harder than qualifying. Harder than closing. For some businesses, meeting that challenge means hiring dedicated sales development reps (SDRs). Here’s why that’s not the best way to handle it:

The average SDR books 10 appointments/month.

The average SDR salary is $4,600/month.

The average cost of hiring, training, and outfitting new staff for work is about $19,000.

The average SDR books 5X fewer sales appointments by cost compared to a B2B appointment setting journey.

The average SDR costs you almost $25k in the first month, and you get an average of 10 booked appointments per month. Does that seem like good value for your business? We can show you something better.

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Reduce the cost of every sales call

Outside sales calls cost about $308 each given the time and effort that goes into them. Inside sales costs about $50 per call. 

The cost of inside sales

The cost of outside sales

Reduce the cost of every sales call

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Make prospects more receptive to B2B sales appointments

Prospects are people. And people are more comfortable interacting over email than over the phone. In fact, 8 out of 10 prospects say they would rather talk to sales reps via email than any other medium.

Don’t try to force prospects to meet your sales reps where they’re comfortable. Use your B2B appointment setting journey to meet prospects where they want to talk and set the stage for your sales team to do its best work.

Use a soft touch with B2B appointment setting and prospects will let your sales team in more than ever before.

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Achieve your revenue goals

You want to grow. You want to increase your revenue. You want to make your business more valuable. HubSpot Research found:

72% of companies with less than 50 new opportunities per month didn't achieve their revenue goals.

15% of companies with 51 to 100 new opportunities didn’t achieve their revenue goals.

Just 4% for companies with 101 to 200 new opportunities didn’t achieve their revenue goals.

With more opportunities it becomes increasingly likely that you’ll achieve your revenue goals. In fact, it becomes almost impossible that you won’t. Achieving those goals makes your company more formidable, more stable, more valuable. 

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Increase your revenue without taking on more work

The secret to success isn’t always about working really, really hard. It’s about making smart decisions. It’s about finding efficiencies. Finding the right partners. It’s about listening to your customers and easing their pain. Because just like you, they want their jobs to be easier.

You can ease their pain and make their jobs easier. You just have to make one smart decision before they’re yours.

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