AI Prompts for Business Owners (Conductors) from Chapter 5 of Imposters on the Zoom. 

Copy and paste these prompts directly into your AI (our example uses ChatGPT-4) to fast forward your mind mapping and thought leadership creation.

Three cheers for you.

Most Conductors are content to hand off learning new technologies to staff. And it leaves them out of touch with the reality of producing valuable output for their business.

Right now, you’re leading by example. And you should feel damn proud. 

So what do you do next?

So what do you do next?

Remember, you’re asking ChatGPT to interview you. Then, you’re asking it to output a mind map based on your interview. You will give that mind map along with the section of instructions for Creators ( to the person you assign to create your thought leadership permission asset.

Or you can get us to do it for you and take the work 100% off your plate.

Here are your AI prompts and the workflow to get this task done.

Open your ChatGPT (or other) dashboard.

Copy and paste the following prompt, replacing the text that doesn’t apply to your world.

I am a business owner. I own and operate a lab equipment manufacturing business. My business makes nitrile gloves primarily. But we also manufacture a proprietary product that makes the nitrile gloves 100% biodegradable. So they help my customers align their business objectives (reducing the carbon footprint of the lab) with their actions. 

I am creating a thought leadership piece of content centered around the following idea - there is no situation where you should use a traditional nitrile glove over the gloves I manufacture. Nitrile gloves without my proprietary coating are now obsolete. 

You are a Journalist. You will interview me about this subject. When we are done, I will tell you so. I will then ask you summarize and output my answers in the form of a mind map. Are you ready?

Your AI will confirm it understands your instructions, and will begin its questions.

When it reaches the end of its questions, you can either ask it to come up with more (so the insights can be deeper) or ask it to proceed outputting the mind map.

An overly simplified example looks like this:


As of October 2023, Canva (the online image editing SaaS) is working on a plugin to integrate ChatGPT with its own service. 

The goal is for users to type what they want into GPT and have the AI create whatever the user wants via Canva. Currently, you can enable the Canva plugin and ChatGPT will give you templates you can edit inside your Canva account, and instructions on how to edit them.

Why are we telling you this? 

Because right now, you could enable the Canva plugin for ChatGPT and ask the AI to show you some mind map templates. 

When you finish your interview with the AI (the interview you started with your prompt above) you could ask ChatGPT to help you output a final mindmap in any of the Canva templates. They look nicer than the native ChatGPT output.

It’s up to you. But you can look into that when you start this process. It might just be a cosmetic thing, but sometimes it’s nice to have an attractive final product.

Now that you know how to do this, you can flip back to chapter 5 of Imposters on the Zoom. 

Or you can get us to do your mind mapping and complete this project for you. You can reach out to us here.


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