Helpful Resources for Creators, Curators, and Conductors

You’re here because you’re reading Imposters on the Zoom and you’re looking for tools and resources to help make your job easier. It’s all here, and you can find it easily below.

We spent a lot of time curating a set of resources and tools for readers of Imposters on the Zoom. 

Helpful Resources for Creators, Curators, and Conductors

We tested alternatives. Searched for better solutions. Weighed the costs and benefits. And whittled the entire internet down to the options below. 

So, here are the tools you need to invest in to use the lead generating system described in Imposters on the Zoom.​

For stock images, video, graphics - Envato Elements.

The variety of B2B images, videos, and graphics is unbeatable for the price.

For most graphic design - Canva.

It’s easy. Projects can be shared across your organization. We rely on it heavily.

For talking head-style YouTube videos - Pictory.

Low cost, user friendly, and powerful.

For talking head style videos where you don’t actually have to be on camera - Synthesia.

Create a lifelike AI avatar and have it act as the face of your brand in your permission asset YouTube video.

For captivating doodles - Doodly.

Voiceover videos with cool hand-drawn animations that keep the user engaged.

For on-site lead generation - OptinMonster.

We use this for on site merchandising, like the slide in banner, exit intent, inline, and more.

For on-site chat - JourneyAI.

The most impressive and complete AI product recommendation engine for B2Bs. It will make more sales than your best sales rep.

For email marketing - MailChimp

It integrates with just about everything. It’s easy to use. And the cost is competitive.

For social media scheduling - just do it yourself

Just post the social media stuff yourself, would ya. 

Want recommendations or opinions on something that isn’t in the list above?

Contact us for a chat.

How about some handy checklists?

Want to make sure you or your team don’t miss a step in the journey?

Download this simple pdf checklist and tick off everything as it gets done.

The everything you need done checklist.


The landing page checklist.

Make sure your landing page has each of these elements.


The B2B social media post checklist.

Do this and you’re doing more than 99% of your competitors on social media.


Assigning merchandising work to a creator? Give them this.

Make sure your creator knows what to do and why to do it. That context will make all the difference in the output you receive.

You can give them this PDF with detailed instructions straight out of Imposters on the Zoom.



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