B2B eCommerce Growth Marketing

Grow your eCommerce revenue. Increase your return on ad spend. Capture revenue from your competitors and make their regular customers yours. Reduce your customer acquisition cost. Make your business more profitable, and more valuable to investors and big businesses you want to be acquired by. Sell like a billion-dollar business, even if you’re a few zeroes off.


Stop chasing. Get the outcome you want

Six months from now, your eCommerce business can look like this:

  • The investment you made in your eCommerce platform is actually seeing a healthy return. And the trend is exponentially upward.
  • More of your sales have transitioned to digital. That means fewer faxes, fewer phone calls, and no more duplicated data entry.
  • Your sales are increasing and your overhead is decreasing.
  • You expanded into new product lines that are drop shipped, so you didn’t have to increase the number of SKUs in your warehouse to offer more choices to your customers.

You’re less stressed. And you take most Fridays off because the business is more autonomous than you imagined it could be.

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Stop chasing. Get the outcome you want

Eliminate the risks that come from new partnerships

Partnering with a new B2B ecommerce growth marketing agency shouldn’t feel risky.

You don’t have to take the kinds of risks an international man of mystery takes.

Choose your partners carefully and you will get the eCommerce growth you want.

Your marketing agency should have more eCommerce experience than you, so you can benefit from the knowledge that comes from hard-earned wins and learning experiences.

We started building eCommerce sites 15 years ago, when only a small percentage of people were buying online. But it was obvious most would be buying online soon.

We did Google ads on the very first day when highly valuable bids cost 8 cents per click.

Maybe you’re a very large distributor and you’re transitioning a growing percentage of your business to eCommerce.

Maybe you’re a manufacturer evolving your business to increase revenue with direct sales.

Whether you’re one or the other, the best eCommerce marketing you see from the businesses you want to emulate probably comes from us.

Your risk is low because you are your own proof. You see the eCommerce work we do and you act. Your audience will do the same.

As of May 23, 2022, we’re currently accepting a small handful of new clients.

Figure out what you’re doing wrong

There’s no shame in admitting something might be going wrong with the way you do eCommerce right now.

Most B2Bs are.

And the awesome thing is you’re out here trying to figure it out and fix it.

Our guess is you’re probably…

Paying to attract the wrong people to your website.

Most businesses like yours are overpaying on their ads accounts by 50%-70%

But it’s not your fault. Remember - Google’s a business too.

We help you trim away that waste and turn your Google ads into a lean mean sales-generating machine.

Google is just really good at hiding its intent. You’re competing against a team of a thousand engineers at Google whose only job is to get you to spend more money on ads.

Google ads are built to convince you to overpay. That’s how Google makes money

You’re probably also selling based on features.



Your new car has an entertainment system with 6 speakers and 14 inch screens that fold down from the roof. 



You get 15-minutes of peace and quiet when you pick up the kids from school after a frustrating day at work.

Maybe you’re telling prospects to look somewhere else for information they need. Not saying directly look somewhere else for the information you need. But you don’t make it easy for them to find it on your own website. So they… 

Look at the manufacturer’s site for more info.

Look at the manufacturer’s site for more info.

Dig up the manufacturer’s catalog for more info.

Dig up the manufacturer’s catalog for more info.

You need that information right on your website, easy to find.

And finally,

you’re working with an agency down the road. An agency that works with:

  • Landscapers
  • The local vegan burger chain
  • A few crossfit gyms


There are LOTS of times when choosing local is good. But this isn’t one of them.

You don’t source your raw materials or products from the local market. Why do you think your marketing needs to come from around the corner?

That’s a lot you could be doing wrong. And a wild thing is it’s also just the start.

So, want to know exactly where you might be selling your business short?

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Don’t spend another minute on a call with a junior account manager

In most other agencies, you’re handed off to an account manager as soon as you sign on.

Want some insider tips about account management in marketing agencies?

  • They’re only invested in your success insofar as it helps them look good, so they can move on to their preferred creative position in the agency.
  • It’s an entry-level position young workers use to get their foot in the door.
  • It’s a high turnover position.

Your account manager isn’t doing the work. Not developing or directing the strategy. They’re an expense you pay so their boss doesn’t have to spend time on a call with you.

With Journey, you’ll always work with the person directing your strategy. You’ll never get passed down the line. Journey was built for direct communication with the people that impact your business, not for an elementary school game of telephone.

Don’t spend another minute on a call with a junior account manager

Be decisive. Seize rare, life-changing opportunities.

You have two choices.

Hire 1 new internal employee and assume complete responsibility for their financial wellbeing.

Partner with 40 new staff you don’t have to manage

Be decisive. Seize rare, life-changing opportunities.

You could commit to a new employee in-house.

Then you could train them.

Help them become part of the social structure of the business.

You could give them regular evaluations and time off.

You could struggle weighing the hit to morale if they ever have to be let go against the hit to your revenue if they stay and continue performing poorly. 

Or you could choose to work with established experts in your industry, who:

  1. Don’t need training.

  2. Can open your eyes to parts of your business you forgot about. 

  3. Can show you pieces of your value you’ve been missing

  4. Will show you how you haven’t been sharing your message clearly with prospects.

Choose to work with a boutique. Get something personal you don’t get with other large agencies. Work with craftspeople. Artisans who only work on successful projects and only grow with you.

The axis of responsibilities

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Stop wasting B2B eCommerce budget attracting B2C customers

You know everyone goes to Google to look for a product because you do it too.

Sure, customers trust your brand. But they’ve been a Google customer far longer than they’ve been yours. And they trust Google to tell them where to go first.

63% of all purchases start with a Google search.

90% of people click on results from the first 3 they see.

But if the majority of those 90% of people who see your ads are the wrong audience, how will you know and what can you do about it? 

You’re spending more money than your competitors and getting weaker results.

Look at the bounce rate in your analytics account. It’s high. It means people are landing on your website, seeing it’s not for them, and leaving.

That’s the B2C audience. The consumers. Not the business purchasers you want.

You haven’t figured out how to stop them from eating up your Google Ads budget, and you’re going to be eclipsed by dot-come-first businesses, because they’re consuming traditional businesses every day.

Do you want to be the predator or the prey?

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“One of the neatest projects Journey ran for us this year was growing our international reach. When they learned over 85% of our customers were international, they created a customized B2B eCommerce growth marketing program for each of our top sales regions. We saw immediate growth in our eCommerce sales that have sustained over the last year. This is just one example of the type of initiative and forward-thinking Journey brings to the table.”

Dan Donahue,
Peripheral Visions Inc.

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Build a vacation home with your eCommerce revenue

You can probably think of a ton of benefits you get from making your eCommerce sales explode. But just in case you need a reminder, here’s what happens when you sign on with us for B2B eCommerce growth marketing.

Build a vacation home with your eCommerce revenue

You increase your return on ad spend.

Instead of spending 1 dollar and making 2 dollars in sales on a product with a 35% margin, which means you’re losing 20%. You’re now realizing a positive return on ad spend just by looking at the direct sale data.

You prevent your business from becoming a relic.

Ecommerce is never going away.

If you’re a business owner,

generating more profitable sales makes your business more valuable. So when you’re ready to retire or move on to a new challenging project, you have a higher business valuation and you cash out for more.

You scale your growth without putting in any extra effort.

It’s the lowest friction way of acquiring a new customer.

Reduce your customer acquisition cost.

Most people don’t look at eCommerce transactions as sales leads, but they are. There’s more value in a long-term customer than a one-off.

Get a better return on investment for the eCommerce website you already committed to.

Lean on an expert in your niche

What do we know about this that other agencies don’t?

Unless you really understand the product, the space, and follow a process for eliminating unsuitable prospects, you’re going to spend the majority of your efforts attracting consumers, not businesses. 

Other agencies are begging for every click they can get.

Other agencies are begging for
every click they can get.

We’re trying to eliminate them.

We’re trying to eliminate them.

That’s how you find the prospects you actually want to work with.

We create a self-weeding garden - giving people as many opportunities as possible to disqualify themselves. You want them to disqualify themselves before they cost you money.

We take as much time to understand who isn’t your customer as we do understanding who is. 

THAT’S the difference.

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Make your competitors nervous

Journey doesn’t work with direct competitors, so there’s only so much space for businesses like yours. The longer you wait to contact us, the more likely one of your competitors will take your place. The more likely they’ll take your sales leads for themselves.

They might already have your space. But you won’t know until you reach out.

Here’s what we know right now: 

You’re a true dot-com-first business.

You have few sales staff. And none of them are outbound sales staff. You’re in this for the eCommerce sales.

You’re a legacy distributor with worn-out outbound sales channels.

You do trade shows. You have dedicated account reps and inbound customer service teams. And right now eCommerce revenue is a small percentage of your overall revenue.

You’re a manufacturer that sells through distribution channels.

You want to explore selling direct, usually at a much higher price than your distributors.

Each of you needs different tactics. We can show you the difference on a Zoom call. You can book that chat right now and start making your competitors nervous

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Grow your revenue. Grow your career.

You’re a business owner. You don’t have a marketing team. Or you have a single marketing manager who can’t possibly do everything that’s needed to grow your eCommerce platform.

So you want an easy way to grow your revenue.

You’re that marketing manager and you’re stretched to the limit by everyone asking why are flat (and you don’t really have an answer).

So you want to find the answer without taking on a ton of extra work.

You’re a sales manager and your team’s performance has stayed in the status quo for 6 months or more

You want to get your sales numbers back up.

You’re a business development executive and you’re looking for gaps. You know there are opportunities, but you don’t quite know how to hone in on them.

You want an easy way to find them.

But just because you’re in a role doesn’t mean we think we know you.

You’re unique and we invest in the relationship to get to know you as well as the business.

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Breeze through exciting meetings every couple weeks

Instead of meeting with a powerless account manager who just passes information back and forth, wouldn’t it be great if every meeting impacted the growth of your business or career in tangible ways? 

Choose to meet with peers. People who have gone to the same conferences, know the same people. Have experienced the same challenges in business as you.

Don’t meet just to talk about the status of your B2B eCommerce sales. Meet to uncover new opportunities or directions. Meet to learn more about what we do and to show us what you do.

Meet to make magic.

Meet to make magic.

Spend 45 minutes on video every two weeks to refill your gas tank at work.

We’ll explore data to influence the course of the discussion and explore ideas on the fly.

And you don’t need to bring anything.

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Enjoy open, honest conversations

If you want to work with order takers, you can close this page.

We practice radical kind candor. We’re on the hook for your results, so when we see you moving in a direction that will hurt your eCommerce sales, we tell you. 

When you choose to work with experts in your industry, you get the benefit of diverse industry experience. We know what doesn’t work because we already tried it. And we’ll tell you that.

When you hire a new internal employee you don’t get honesty. You get someone who wants to make you happy at all costs. That’s how they preserve their job.

We aren’t in this to make you happy (although it’s a nice byproduct of the success you’ll see).

We want to preserve our business by giving your business the eCommerce revenue it deserves.

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Let your competitors make the bad investments

What’s the going rate in your city for a marketing manager with 10+ years of specialized experience in your industry?

For about the same cost, you get strategy, content, assets, and implementation of your B2B eCommerce growth marketing program by a team of 40.

Led by executives who never take their hands off your project.

It makes sense to hire internally for plenty of roles. But it’s very unlikely a local hire will have everything on your eCommerce skills wishlist.

So do you compromise and settle for good enough? That’s what your competitor might do.

Or do you go after awesome?

Let your competitors make the bad investments

Permanently shift your primary source of revenue to eCommerce easily

Permanently shift your primary source of revenue to eCommerce easily

Your B2B eCommerce growth strategy impacts your business over the next decade or more.

This isn’t a one-time boost in sales.

This is a strategy for consistent, manageable eCommerce sales growth for as long as you want it.

It’s a snowball rolling down a hill, picking up steam and growing. It can be an avalanche of sales if you want.

Because it does more than just make single sales. It builds your brand. It gets repeat customers worth hundreds of thousands of dollars over their lifetime.

Everything you invest in eCommerce sales generation comes back to your business many, many times over.

It’s why 100% of our customers choose to expand their eCommerce program year after year.

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Get sustained, long-term revenue growth

You aren’t looking for a spike in sales. You want your business to grow, increase in value, and take hold of more of the market. That means launching B2B eCommerce growth marketing journeys that:

Address your customers greatest challenges

Support your
future plans

Emanate your unique sales propositions

Understand your customers aspirations

Lead your

Capitalize on your best selling products or services

Ease your customers daily frustrations

Find and nurture your ideal prospects

Highlight your competitors’ flaws

Build on your history

Integrate with your customers habits

Neutralize your competitors’ strengths

Make record revenue through eCommerce without doing more work

You want to build your eCommerce business and reduce your overhead expenses. This is how you do it.

And not just for today.

The investments you make in your eCommerce sales now will bear fruit for your business for years.

And it won’t add any work to your plate. 

Get more eCommerce revenue without more work 

Make this your most successful quarter

Let’s talk.

Tell us about what you’ve done in the past.

Or better yet, let us tell you how your eCommerce revenue can shoot through the roof almost immediately.

Book a quick 20 minute chat on Zoom.

Let us know what you do and where you do it (because we don’t want to work with competitors) and start a conversation about how you can get what dozens of B2B manufacturers and distributors have over the last decade.

Art doesn’t scale. Space is limited.

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Work with people who make your life easier

Work with people who make your life easier

We’ll be working together, so it makes sense to get to know the faces at the front of your team of 40 digital marketers, graphic designers, programmers, data analysts, product information managers.

Learn more about your portal to comfort and ease. Your connection to all the things you need done in a single place so you don’t have to manage 3 or 4 agency relationships that become more work than relief.

Meet the directors of your business growth