B2B Branding

Build trust with prospects instantly. Flesh out your brand identity so everyone from your sales to support team knows your message and delivers it right. Make onboarding new staff easier. Look like a billion dollar company and increase your revenue so you will be.


Build trust with prospects and customers fast and easy

Your customers are people. Sure, they have titles at work and KPIs and they file reports and make presentations. But they’re still just people. And they are drawn to stories. Your brand has a story and if you’re not using that story to create human connections, you’re missing a huge opportunity.

Branding is more than your own business identity. It fosters trust in your business. Encourages customers to return to you for help and advice.

B2B branding turns your story into a powerful asset that you can use to drive sales forever.

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Look and talk like a billion dollar business, even if you’re a few zeroes away

Appearances matter. Look like the business you want to be and customers will assume you are. Before you know it, your revenue catches up to your appearance. 

  • Prospects trust you because your branding emanates success, and that says others like them already trust you.

  • The care you put into branding reflects the care you put into the products you sell. More customers want to work with you.

  • Your competitors look and feel cold and sterile. Their customers would rather work with a brand with passion. Sway them to you.

  • Consumers want to associate themselves with successful businesses, and they decide if you’re successful very quickly. Make the best impression so they buy from you over and over.

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Make onboarding new staff easier

The cost of hiring a new staff member can be about $20k. A lot of that cost is lost productivity bringing them up to speed on who you are, what you do, how you do it, and why you do it this way. Good branding helps new staff get your business just like new customers. Put a copy of your brand documents on their desk and save yourself $5,000 in training.

New staff “get” your brand messaging without hours of training and retraining.

Your whole team is on the same page, so your messaging is unified.

Sales staff turnover won’t leave you scrambling. New staff step in easily.

Help new staff understand where you want the business to go.

Working with Journey on your B2B branding sometimes reveals hard truths. Gaps in your understanding of your own business or audience. But revealing these truths also resolves them and leaves your business in a better place than before. It’s a critical look in the mirror.

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Unify messaging online, in-house, and everywhere your brand is

Consistency is challenging. But it’s another factor in keeping customer trust. Everywhere a customer finds you, you need to:

  • Look the same
  • Tell the same story
  • Speak in the same voice
  • Provide the same, consistent value

B2B branding establishes that and empowers you and your ambassadors (employees, coworkers) to carry the things that make customers trust you anywhere they find you.

“One of the things I value most about our partnership with Journey is their collaborative approach. They don’t just do things for us. They do things with us. They listen. They do their research. They ask the right questions. They’re responsive, and nimble. And, most importantly, they are committed to getting SECO’s messaging and tone exactly right when communicating with customers.”

Brian McCutcheon,
President, Scientific Equipment Company 

Increase the value of your business

The brand is a business asset that has financial value in itself. Once you have strong B2B branding, you can and should track brand valuation in your company’s balance sheet. Investors and larger businesses you want to be acquired by consider the value of your brand when they turn their focus to you.

Brand assets are the physical representation of many intangibles that come from your B2B branding. They’re:

Long form content that tells your story and forms the foundation of your new visual brand.

Digital assets that reflect your new B2B branding and give customers, staff, investors and big businesses the right first impression.

Guidelines for the voice your brand ambassadors (employees, coworkers) should use when talking to prospects.

Get someone else to do the hard B2B branding work

B2B branding isn’t a project to do off the side of your desk. To get it right, every branding asset has to come to life by combining research and data on…

Your customers greatest challenges

Your history

Your ideal

Your best selling products or services

Your industry

Your unique sales propositions

Your customers

Your future

Your customers

Your competitors’

Your customers daily frustrations

Your competitors’

B2B branding makes sales while you sleep

Your customers work in different time zones. They work different schedules. Your sales team isn’t always available to hammer home your message with them.

Branding does the talking for you whenever you can’t (and it helps you and your sales team do the talking you do even better). It’s a powerful sales asset that never sleeps, never has off days, never takes a day off.

Your B2B branding is the first step in realizing the future you always wanted for your business and for yourself. All you have to do is book a call.

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