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1. An orderly, proven workflow with 6 steps even your freshest hire can follow to generate lab equipment end-user and purchaser sales leads with very little input from you (while they increase their value to your team 10X).

2. Clear expectations for every step your staff complete, so there’s no confusion around your lead generation workflow. And transparent accountability when something is done poorly or missed altogether.

3. Templated directions so you can walk into a meeting, evaluate your staff output quickly and easily in language they understand, and return to your higher level duties sooner.

4. A comprehensive strategy we strongly believe will add more than $2M in revenue to your business this year, without any extra work.

5. A totally hands-off training program for lab equipment marketing and sales staff who need a refresher (because they’re a little too comfortable after 5+ years in the industry and think they know it all), and staff who are brand new (and need to overcome the imposter syndrome they’re dealing with).

6. Lead generation tech stack buildouts to keep your costs low and staff output high and constantly improving in quality.

“This book has given me the gift of time. I spent more time focused on running my business, giving the labs that trust us the best possible service, knowing our marketing is a reliable machine.”

Jeremy Linder
CEO, Block Scientific Inc.

“Seeing the business results, and the impact it’s had on my team’s capabilities, I wish we’d started using the 6-step journey from Imposters in the Zoom 10 years ago.”

Brian McCutcheon
President, Scientific Equipment Company

“We used to get ten online leads in a month. Now we get 10x that. That’s all the proof I need to know this works." 

Yoichi Horie
President, Yamato Scientific of America Inc.

How much do you know about every role that falls under you?
…from your free sample of chapter 1…

“Reading about sales, lead generation, positioning, and increasing your knowledge of how the roles beneath you work helps you engage with that staff better and drive them to improve their results.

As a business owner, operator, or director of marketing people, this chapter holds benefits for your brain and your bank balance. 

The financial benefits are obvious, yeah?

New sales leads = revenue growth.

But you probably overlook the benefits to your mental health. That comes from:

  • Increased engagement of your workforce and lower staff turnover.
  • Higher confidence in the effectiveness of your staff.
  • Profits, pay increases.

When you understand - really understand - what your junior marketing manager contributes to lead generation or what your sales manager does to give their sales team more opportunities to work on, you can better oversee these job roles.

You have more reassurance that you hired the right people to fill critical roles in the company. 

You are also well equipped to audit their work, so you can push them to perform to the level you expect (if they aren’t there now). 

And, of course, you’re less stressed when your money is on the rise. So when you’re flush, you handle those challenging moments at work gracefully.”

Questions other ILDA members ask about the free chapters of Imposters on the Zoom

Q: Why would you give this away for free?

A: Because you should never have to buy a business book blindly. We want you to know exactly what you will get from this book so you can make the best decision for the business. Plus, it’s really good. And once you read some, you’re going to want copies for all your staff and colleagues.

Q: Why should I listen to you?

A: Because you’re a lifelong learner. The kind of leader employees admire. And you know the difference between value and snake oil. We’ve been using this system to generate actionable leads in the lab equipment space for more than a decade. You can learn more about us at and decide for yourself.

Q: Where can I get the full version of the book?​

A: It’s available in print format at, and audiobook format at Just follow the links.

Q: Are you available to chat? I’d rather talk than read.​

A: Yes. You can always contact us by emailing [email protected]. 

Q: Can my staff also download these 2 free chapters?​

A: Of course! You can send them the PDF you download after completing the form here, or they can download their own copies by following this link.

​Learn how to generate more leads, revenue, and profits with fewer staff
What’s the average tenure of a lead-generating employee in your organization?

The constant cycle of hiring, training, and nurturing staff is draining. 

This book shows you how to reduce that churn and do more with fewer, more loyal staff.

Lab equipment businesses are starting to hire a new generation of marketing people. Digital natives. They know the tools. They read the blogs.

They don’t have industry experience. And they might say they’re excited to learn about chemistry analyzers and overhead stirrers when you interview them. But what they really want is a job that pays well. 

You want them to care. Because caring leads to better insights into the industry, so they’re better in their role, and of course they generate better results. 

With a few hours of reading Imposters on the Zoom, you have the tools to make them more industry-savvy than they are (without them even really knowing it). They get more excited about the job because they’re learning at a fast pace. And then they actually DO get excited about lab equipment. Without knowing it, they get aligned with your goals.

Get a landing page just like this to generate leads for you

In the full text of the book, your staff learn exactly how to make a landing page like this.

Compelling. Fun. Relatable. Actionable.

And you’ll learn how to evaluate their work quickly so it meets all the important criteria. 

Start with the free chapters and go from there.

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