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Journey AI

What i​​s Journey AI?

Journey AI is an artificial intelligence, plain-language product search, recommendation, and upsell engine for your website.

It’s made specifically for lab equipment distributors and manufacturers, and trained on a decade of data from your industry + customized using deep insights into your specific products within 30 days of your engagement.

Why do you care?

It dramatically shortens the lab equipment sales cycle and reduces friction for your prospects. And you don’t need to hire an internal AI expert or become one yourself to make it work.

So you make more sales, more repeat sales, faster sales, and give customers a better experience than your competitors - while reducing demand on your sales and customer service teams.

What about pricing?

Pricing is based on the size of your product catalog, the traffic your website receives, and a few other technical factors.

We always discuss pricing openly in your intro call, because this is built to be a win-win.

How does it work?

  1. Journey AI replaces the current chatbot on your website.

  2. The AI chats with your customers about their application, performing all the qualification your sales reps are normally bogged down by.

  3. It makes a product recommendation based on comprehensive training in the lab industry.

  4. The AI collects prospect information and forwards it, along with a short summary of its conversation, to your sales team.

  5. Your team closes the sale from there, eliminating 80-90% of the time they previously spent on sales.

How do I launch my custom Journey AI?

4 easy steps. And we handle 3 of them. 

Step 1

​Choose your service package by following the button below or contact us for help choosing.

Step 2

We complete your onboarding via Zoom at a convenient time for you.

Step 3

We train your custom Journey AI to excel with your products with occasional feedback from your internal project coordinator.

Step 4

In 30 days or less, we launch Journey AI across your subscription categories and you soak up a huge increase in sales leads.

You’re tired of hearing about AI. But it’s not going away. You have to get on board or watch your competitors consume your business. Journey AI is how lab equipment distributors and manufacturers harness AI in 2023.

It’s your 🧠 logical,  🔒 safe, and 🤝🏻 low-commitment AI deployment.

How does Journey AI fast-forward the lab equipment sales cycle?

1. Greeting

Every prospect (lab managers, PIs, or the scientists doing the daily grind themselves) landing on your website immediately has a personal line to your most knowledgeable, experienced sales asset.

2. Learning

Prospects tell Journey AI what they want. Or they tell it something about their application.

3. Qualifying

Journey AI leads the prospect down a funnel of qualifying questions (not pre-set questions, genuine learning questions it knows must be asked to reach a valid product recommendation).

4. Recommending

When it reaches a recommendation, Journey AI prompts the prospect to submit a quote request, and gives them a simple form to complete.

5. Summarizing

Your sales team gets an AI-generated summary of the customer interaction, so they know in less than 100 words the prospect’s needs, application, and other important qualifying information.

6. Completing

Your team completes the sale, eliminating 80-90% of the time they previously spent on sales, and almost 100% of the friction that stopped prospects from working with you in the past.

What info do my sales reps get?

What info do my sales reps get?

Everything the AI learns about your prospect’s application in the lengthy conversation it has with them is boiled down to the essential info. Everything your rep needs to complete the sale is emailed to them the moment a prospect completes their AI conversation.

Tired of hearing about AI?

We get it. AI this and AI that. Everything is AI right now. But you can’t ignore it. AI is changing the face of lab equipment sales.

And you don’t have to be an expert to profit from it. 

Journey AI is built to be a low barrier to entry AI solution for the lab industry. Your commitment is low, your return is astronomical. 

Make one member of your team the project lead. We manage the entire deployment. They keep you in the loop.

 Choose your plan and engage Journey AI today


Most prospects don't want to call your sales rep.

​Lab equipment distributors and manufacturers lose sales because:

  • Customers don’t know what they’re looking for.
  • But they don’t want to talk to a sales rep.
  • Or your sales rep is slower than your competitors’. 

Nobody in the lab likes shopping for new instruments and equipment. Lab managers prefer to delegate. And the lab workers don’t know what they’re doing and just want it off their minds. 

So those customers type a few words to Journey AI about their application, and out pops the most appropriate product recommendation in seconds without any human intervention. 

You make the sale because you make it extremely convenient for your customers, saving them precious time and energy.

Get us to train your custom Journey AI sales rep today

Most prospects don't want to call your sales rep.

Imposters on the Zoom

"AI is quickly replacing lab equipment industry front line sales reps. Then, the human reps that spend their time closing are 5X more valuable to the business."

Jason Hagerman
author of Imposters on the Zoom.

​Start with the plan that works for you today

1 Category



per month for lab equipment distributors

Get Started

 12 Product Attribute Training

  6 Company Attribute Training

 50 Products Included

 1,800 Responses Monthly

 85​ Lead Summary Monthly

 1​ Catalog Updates Yearly

3 Category



per month for lab equipment distributors

Get Started

 36 Product Attribute Training

  18 Company Attribute Training

 150 Products Included

 5,400 Responses Monthly

 255​ Lead Summary Monthly

 3​ Catalog Updates Yearly

5 Category
Small Business



per month for lab equipment distributors

Get Started

 60 Product Attribute Training

  30 Company Attribute Training

 250 Products Included

 9,000 Responses Monthly

 425​ Lead Summary Monthly

 5 Catalog Updates Yearly

10 Category



per month for lab equipment distributors

Get Started

 120 Product Attribute Training

  60 Company Attribute Training

 500 Products Included

 18,000 Responses Monthly

 850​ Lead Summary Monthly

 10 Catalog Updates Yearly


  Custom Product Attribute Training    Custom Company Attribute Training   Custom Products Included   Custom Responses Monthly

   Custom Lead Summary Monthly    Custom Responses Monthly   Custom Catalog Updates Yearly

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What does everything in the pricing table above mean?

Packages are built around product categories. Start with 1 and expand as leads pour in, choose only your most profitable product categories to test, or go all-in on for the best value.

Product attribute training

Your product’s essential attributes. The volume, speed, material, etc. But, more importantly, the relationships between those attributes and your prospect’s applications. How your prospects speak about those attributes, and how those attributes impact the end user in a practical sense. Everything your sales rep needs to know so they make the right recommendation.
Company attribute training

The AI needs to understand attributes your business applies to every product in your subscription category. Warranty limitations, shipping, return policy, legal boundaries (like quoting a customer on a quantity of a chemical that isn’t allowed in their state).
# of products

Each plan above includes a set number of products. Each product is individually trained into Journey AI, so the AI understands the differences between each and how they relate to each other.
# of responses & lead summaries

There’s a cost with every response Journey AI gives to your prospects. You can anticipate up to 40% of your chats will convert into the the kind of qualified sales leads your reps dream about. The number of responses and sales lead summaries built into your package is based on on historical data surrounding the number of questions prospects ask to reach the quoting stage, and the number of prospects who go from question to quote. We want you to stay on with Journey AI for a long time, so we err on the side of customer value and give a generous helping of responses and summaries in each package.
# of catalog updates annually

You add new products, and you don’t want them left out of your AI’s repertoire. Each category you sign on for receives the number of updates listed above. If you sign on for the 3 Category Growth package, for example, you get 3 catalog updates PER CATEGORY annually. That’s a total of 9 catalog updates.

Reduce your labor costs.

By automating an increasing number of your sales interactions, Journey AI reduces the demand on your sales reps and customer service teams. 

You manage overhead costs while increasing sales.

Reduce your labor costs & increase sales

Make more sales with less effort, 24/7.

By helping customers find the products they need faster, Journey AI can increase your website's conversion rate and the value it provides your business.

Sales reps before Journey AI

​"Hello. I see you requested a quote. Here is a 3-page survey we need you to complete so we can recommend the correct product for your lab. Please email this back to us at your earliest convenience. Our technical team will analyze your application and give you a quote with some options we recommend." This is usually followed by multiple emails and phone follow ups just to get the completed survey back. Multiple communications between sales and technical team members. And more communication with the prospect.

Sales reps with Journey AI

“Hey PROSPECT, I see you’re looking for X because you are doing Y, and I see our AI suggested product Z to you. This has already been validated by our technical team. Can we hop on a quick call to finalize your quote right now?"

Make more sales with less effort, 24/7

And since it doesn’t sleep, and lab equipment purchasers are known to regularly work outside normal business hours, you capture all the sales you’ve been missing.

Subscribe to capture all the sales you’re missing

Increase the lifetime value of your customers…

​An easy purchasing experience increases the chance a customer will work with your business. Journey AI provides a seamless, hassle-free user experience that your customers will appreciate and remember.

Increase the lifetime value of your customers

…and get valuable data-driven insights.

Journey AI's analytics integrations provide valuable insights into your customers' behavior and preferences, so your internal sales and marketing teams can learn and become more powerful.

Fit Journey AI into your business, don’t fit your business into a generic AI tool.

Need a legal disclaimer with every product recommendation? Want to recommend a free sample to customers in certain product categories? 

Don’t adjust what you need. Journey AI adjusts to you.

Beat your competitors to the punch.

Competitors who still rely on old methods of product discovery will lose their customers to you.

​The sooner you reinforce your business with Journey AI, the more you take.

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Journey AI

How does Journey AI compare to traditional site search tools?

​You know what we’re going to say. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t true!

Journey AI offers huge advantages over traditional site search tools.

High-intent customers get a faster, more accurate, far easier experience when searching for products, resulting in
higher conversion rates and revenue.


  • Product Discovery

  • Search Method

  • Speed

  • Cost-effectiveness

  • Scalability

  • Data Insights

  • Labor Efficiency

Journey AI

  • Uses AI and plain language to quickly and accurately suggest the exact lab product customers need. Customers don’t need to know anything but their own application.
  • AI-based, large language model that understands connections between ideas and related information, not reliant on specific keywords
  • Provides faster results due to its AI infrastructure, which can process and suggest lab products in real-time.
  • Complements existing search bar technology, making it a cost-effective add-on that significantly enhances product discovery without requiring a full replacement of existing systems.
  • Adapts to exponential increases in product catalog without any degradation in performance or accuracy due to its AI-powered model.
  • Provides valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences, helping power your other marketing and sales efforts.
  • Reduces the demand on sales reps and customer service, saving labor costs.

Traditional Site Search

  • Depends on keyword-based search, which may not always lead to accurate or optimal product suggestions. Customers must know exactly what they’re looking for.
  • Relies on traditional text-based search which is keyword-dependent and non-contextual (and dying).

  • Speed varies depending on the specific search query and the amount of data to sift through.
  • Can be a significant expense for businesses, considering its limitations in accuracy, speed, and absence of context.

  • Performance can be affected with increasing product catalog size, as more keywords and data need to be processed.

  • Can provide some data insights, typically limited to search trends and popular keywords.
  • Does not inherently reduce the need for sales reps or customer service as it does not offer guided product selection.

Empower Your Sales Team with Journey AI

What if you could give every member of your team, from your new hire to your 10-year veteran, access to decades of expertise at their fingertips?

Give them Journey AI.

Empower Your Sales Team with Journey AI

It’s designed to complement your sales team, providing real-time, accurate laboratory product recommendations based on customer’s application.

On a Zoom call, in a client meeting, or at a trade show booth, Journey AI gives immediate product insights that will impress your clients and reduce friction in the sales process.

Journey AI isn't here to replace your seasoned sales veterans. 

It's here to amplify their skills, providing instant access to a wealth of product knowledge they can’t always call upon in a flash. Product knowledge that makes their customer interactions more meaningful. 

Journey AI works for your team, not against it.

For your junior sales staff, Journey AI is a game-changer. You’re giving them a seasoned mentor who's available 24/7, guiding them through product recommendations, helping them learn faster. Helping them perform better. 

You can confidently bring on more junior team members, knowing they have a powerful support system.

Harness the power of AI and give your sales team a massive advantage over your competitors. With Journey AI, your team sells smarter.

Click here and empower your sales team 

Distributors and manufacturers must embrace AI now

It’s already cliche to say AI is transforming the business landscape. 

But you know it's time to embrace AI.

Journey AI makes it accessible and valuable for lab equipment distributors and manufacturers. 

You can confidently tell your boss, colleagues, and board members you’re deploying a cutting-edge AI solution that helps customers and drives revenue.

Distributors and manufacturers must embrace AI now

AI can seem daunting. You’re skeptical that it can navigate the nuances of your unique business.

So see Journey AI in action. 

Join us for a Zoom call where we'll show you how well Journey AI works with your business. And exactly how you’ll get more satisfied customers and increased sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why would I use Journey AI over the native AI integration in my existing chatbot for my lab equipment distribution or manufacturing business?

A: Journey AI is built by lab industry experts for lab industry manufacturers and distributors. Type the same question into Journey AI and your existing chatbot or ChatGPT and you’ll get drastically different answers. One will be helpful to your prospects. One won’t. That’s because most AI is pulling from the same source material. Generic information available online. Journey AI is trained on a decade of anonymous, proprietary lab industry customer data. Habits, language, applications, sales cycles. When your prospect asks Journey AI about water purification, it’s not going to respond recommending a Brita.

Q: You call Journey AI a managed, native-AI-powered SaaS. What the heck does that mean?

A: Great question! We’ll answer that in two parts.

  1. What is a managed, AI-powered SaaS? It’s not a boilerplate, plug’n’play SaaS. Because that doesn’t work for most B2Bs. There are connections between products, outcomes, and user applications non-managed AI products can’t understand. Our base language model is built around specific, targeted B2B data collected over the last decade. Then, upgraded further to respond to your most niche users when you engage with us. This process is a maximum 30-day collaboration between your team and Journey AI. When complete, it will be the most valuable tool your business ever invests in, and your sales reps will become the most powerful in your industry.

  2. What is a native-AI product? Every website chatbot today has (or is working on) an AI integration. Taking the existing product and adding AI language comprehension. That’s like building a house and installing the plumbing last. Shoehorning a square into a round hole. Journey AI is built first and only as an AI product. We’re not building AI functionality into a procedural chatbot. You get a 100% AI product, purpose-built for B2B and customized to your niche.

Q: Why does it take 30 days to launch?

A: 30 days is the maximum launch period. This is because AI doesn’t understand your products right now. Journey AI must be trained to understand the connections between our existing proprietary data and your products + your customers’ applications. Journey AI is built on an enormous foundation of B2B data privately curated over the last decade, and we spend 30 days working with your internal project lead to further improve the AI’s knowledge of your catalog. We try to stump it, confuse it, break it. You do too. And when it’s trained to completion, your launch is ready. It’s no use to your business if it isn’t your most experienced sales pro.

Q: How does this shorten the sales cycle?

A: Every Journey AI interaction is summarized and emailed to your sales team. They don’t have to comb through 1000 words of back and forth between the customer and the AI. The entire interaction is summarized into less than 100 words and emailed to your sales team. So your prospect is primed for the sale because the AI talked them through all the initial qualifying and warming work your sales team spends most of its time on, and your sales team has all the information to complete the sale quickly.

Sales reps before Journey AI

"Hello. I see you requested a quote. Here is a 3-page survey we need you to complete so we can recommend the correct product. Please email this back to us at your earliest convenience. Our technical team will analyze your application and give you a quote with some options we recommend." 

This is usually followed by multiple emails and phone follow ups just to get the completed survey back. Multiple communications between sales and technical team members. And more communication with the prospect. 

Sales reps with Journey AI

“Hey PROSPECT, I see you’re looking for X because you are doing Y, and I see our AI suggested product Z to you. This has already been validated by our technical team. Can we hop on a quick call to finalize your quote right now?"

Q: How is this better than my sales reps using ChatGPT or any other AI to help in their jobs?

A: Here’s what you should do. Go into your existing AI service, any of them, and ask a question about your product. 

Then hop on a call with us and get us to demo the exact same question using Journey AI’s base language model (not even customized to your products yet). 

You can decide what makes it easier for your sales reps to communicate correctly, and your prospects to choose your product over your competitors’.

Q: What’s the difference between AI-powered and AI-enabled?

A: One means AI is at the core of the SaaS, one means AI enhances its features.

  • AI-Powered
    When a system is AI-powered, artificial intelligence is a core component of the technology, driving its primary functionality. In an AI-powered system, AI algorithms play a critical role in the decision-making process, often operating autonomously to perform tasks that would traditionally require human intelligence.

  • AI-Enabled
    When a system is AI-enabled, AI is an added feature that enhances the capabilities of an already existing system, but is not the core component of the system. AI-enabled systems use AI to improve efficiency, add new features, or make the system more user-friendly. Generally, it still relies on human intervention.

Q: What kind of training do you do in the time before Journey AI deploys on my website?

​A: We train Journey AI on attributes related to your products, to your company and how they relate to other products, businesses, and applications in your niche within the lab equipment industry. The foundational B2B model Journey AI is built on will already outperform any other chatbot you might use. But the extra training we work on with your team makes the AI a truly impressive salesperson and expert in your industry.

Test Journey AI on one of your product categories first 

Journey AI. - Copyright @ 2023