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1. A clear, simple, proven workflow with just 6-steps to drive the sales leads you were hired to, so you can smash your KPIs and score the salary you want.

2. Diagrams, templates, and samples for each step in the strategy so you know exactly what you’re doing (no stress, just follow the steps)

3. Clear direction for you and your boss, so everyone is on the same page and nobody can claim they gave instructions they didn’t.

4. Power. You don’t have to tell your manager you got these ideas from anywhere. They’re your ideas. And you created the workflow that’s changing the face of the business.

5. The confidence to overcome imposter syndrome forever. None of your competitors are doing this properly, and you’ll be the case study in doing things right.

6. Peace. No more carrying stress home from work. You know you’re doing 150% of what’s needed to secure your job for as long as you want it.

7. A lead generation tech stack buildout to make your work look super impressive but actually reduce the volume of work you do.

8. A hands-off professional development program that helps you be a better lab equipment marketer, but also helps you learn the industry faster than any other way.

“There’s not enough time in the day to do everything I need. I’m a 1 person team with two large brands to look after. I exclusively rely on these 6-steps now because I can get a lot more done every day without losing lead generation momentum. It’s by far the best system I’ve used.”

Kristen DeRosier
Marketing Manager, Daigger Scientific

“I got hired at Norwood right out of school and didn’t know a thing about the business. Following the 6 steps took a ton of stress off and actually directed my learning. I felt comfortable very quickly using this system.”

Laura Kiley
Marketing Coordinator, Norwood Sawmills

“...imposter syndrome! I didn’t know what I was feeling until I read those words. It’s stressful feeling like that all the time. The book helped me get past that feeling. I’ve moved jobs 3 times since then (better salary) and this is how I capture leads with every new job.” 

Shannon McCaffrey
Marketing Associate, Mar Cor Purification

Succeed and be happy in lab equipment marketing, today and ten years from today
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“If work for a business selling to other businesses and your responsibility is to create marketing materials in one way or another for this business, you’re going to get really good at it really fast. You’ll be on marketing steroids, without any of the nasty side effects.

Everything in these chapters can be implemented to drive your growth. Personal, career, and the growth you’re responsible for driving in the business tomorrow.”

Questions other lab equipment marketers ask about the free chapters of Imposters on the Zoom

Q: Why would you give this away for free?

A: Because you should never have to buy a business book blindly. We want you to know exactly what you will get from this book so you can make the best decision for your career. Plus, it’s really good. And once you read some, you’re going to want to build the next 10 years of your career around it.

Q: Why should I listen to you?

A: Because learning from others is how you fast track your skills and earning potential. We’ve been using this system to generate actionable leads for more than a decade. You can learn more about us at and decide for yourself whether we’re worth listening to.

Q: Where can I get the full version of the book?​

A: It’s available in print format at, and audiobook format at Just follow the links.

Q: How long will the full book take me to read?

A: We wrote the book to be a practical, manageable length. You will be able to read it cover to cover in 5 hours or less. But you’ll bookmark and tag dozens of pages to come back to over and over as you deploy the process in your role. 

Q: Can I get a list of the apps recommended throughout the book all in one place?

A: You sure can. It’s available at

Here’s what will happen when you use these strategies in your lab equipment marketing program over the next year.

1. Your colleagues will notice signs of the business improving.

2. Your manager will see the impact of your new direction.

3. You’ll get more recognition from the leaders in the business.

4. You’ll become an integral part of the business, and you’ll find yourself invited to discussions that center around driving the growth of the business you’re employed by.

…Those are all fine and good. But here’s what you really care about:

5. You’ll get a bigger salary.

6. You’ll get a more senior title.

7. You’ll get people to manage and budget to spend.

8. You’ll have more creative freedom.

9. You’ll have job security (or ammunition to use in your job hunt).

10. You’ll have freedom and trust from your manager, so they’re not constantly questioning you or looking over your shoulder.

Learn the only way lab equipment marketers need to use AI

 AI for lab equipment marketing isn’t what you think.

You shouldn’t replace your own creative chops with it. 

But you shouldn’t try to ignore it.

In the book, we give you the only AI tips and prompts you need in the lab equipment space. 

So dig in and see how the first 2 chapters amp you up.

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