See What Happened to Sales When Thermo Scientific's Omnichannel Collaboration Went Live

Unique branding and targeted messaging made Thermo Scientific's Orion pH electrodes shine brighter than an entire constellation of electrodes in a competitive market.


Sometimes you just need a new set of eyes to put a new spin on a product. Thermo Scientific branded it's Orion pH electrodes beautifully, but never took full advantage of its namesake to generate buzz and impactful marketing materials.

When Thermo partnered with Daigger Scientific through Collaborating Company to launch an ominchannel marketing campaign to Daigger's most qualified audience, a new take on Thermo's clever branding resulted in an increase of more than 1,200% in visitors to Thermo's electrode product pages on And more visitors were drawn to Orion pH electrode pages in the week the campaign launched than any full month period ever before.

To sell more pH electrodes in a highly competitive market, Thermo Scientific and Daigger scientific partnered to deliver compelling, unique, targeted messaging to an engaged audience and the results were stellar. Read on to see how it happened.

The Homepage

More than 14,000 purchasers visit the home page of on an average week. When the Thermo Orion pH electrode collaboration launched, was updated with a unique banner image with a call to action encouraging users to purchase Orion electrodes over any other. This was the first image users saw on the website, and most prominent.

The banner captured thousands of clicks and the unique product branding had purchasers contacting Daigger directly to discuss the product and the new branding.

The Pop-ups

Users visiting pH electrode product or category pages, regardless of the brand they were looking at, received a visual call to action to switch their attention to Thermo's Orion electrodes. This pop-up appeared on competitor product pages, and converted thousands of users from their current brand to Thermo electrodes.

The Email

Daigger's most qualified audience for pH electrodes totals a little over 42,000 purchasers. The email campaign delivered directly to their inboxes received engagement from over 6,000 purchasers and generated buzz across the user base.

More than a hundred email recipients forwarded the message to colleagues who would otherwise never have seen the content or engaged with Thermo Orion electrodes. These forwards are some of the most valuable actions an omnichannel campaign can generate, as they have a high probability of converting the reader to a customer due to the social connection to the Daigger brand and the colleague who forwarded the message.

Campaign branding carried through the email and was the basis for all other digital assets across the omnichannel campaign.

The Social Posts

Campaign messaging was shared on Daigger's Facebook and LinkedIn feeds to continue finding users where they live. These generated hundreds of impressions and kept Thermo Orion pH electrodes front of mind for engaged users across the period of a month.

The Search Results

A collaboration is all about owning the message where purchasers look. Carrying the messaging from campaign assets onto the product search results page at, and keeping those campaign assets there for 52 weeks, means hundreds of thousands of additional, valuable impressions in the audience Thermo Scientific wants to reach.

For one year, any user who searches for pH electrodes sees Thermo's compelling branding at the very top of the search results page, and Thermo Orion pH electrodes appear at the top search results for the year, pushing competing products down below the fold.

The Blog Post

Capturing long-term, high-value traffic is achieved by writing compelling long-form search engine optimized content. Using multiple digital tools, we created a conversion rate optimized and search engine optimized blog that will work its way to page 1 of search results over the medium term.

This is the best way to reach a wide audience searching for valuable phrases on any search engine. To do its best work, this blod will remain on forever. The longer it exists, the more links it receives, the more traffic it receives, the more valuable it gets. It's one way of ensuring the substantial efforts Collaborating Company puts into developing these unique and memorable campaigns does everything it can to generate sustained value for both Daigger Scientific and Thermo Scientific.

The Category Leaderboard Banner

Any time a user visits and clicks through to the most relevant product category, they're met with the Thermo Scientific Orion pH electrode branding they've encountered everywhere else. This asset stays here for 12 months, generating tens of thousands of impressions and pushing competing products further down the heirarchy of purchaser interest.


Unique branding and messaging that spans every channel purchasers visit means Daigger Scientific and Thermo Scientific continue to see an increase in sales of Orion pH electrodes, even after the main body of the campaign was delivered.

Thousands of additional users visiting Thermo Orion product pages represents hundreds of thousands of dollars or more in new revenue. And millions in revenue once users develop brand loyalty to their new favorite pH electrode.

The assets created for this campaign represent no additional work for the team at Thermo Scientific or Daigger Scientific, as it was entirely administered and created by Collaborating Company, part of the Journey Group.

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