How Elma Ultrasonic Launched a Collaboration that Increased Brand Awareness by More than 2000%

And attracted more purchasers to its product pages on in a single week than in the entire previous year.

The Problem

Elma wanted to sell more Elma E-Plus Ultrasonic Cleaners, but competition made it difficult for Elma to get its message to the audience its Ultrasonic Cleaners are built for.

The Solution

Partner with Collaborating Company and Daigger Scientific to deliver an omnichannel co-op marketing campaign that gives Elma exclusive access to Daigger Scientific’s audience and customer relationships.

The Outcome

During the campaign, pageviews of Elma Ultrasonic Cleaners on increased by 1,750%, with comparable increases to other stats. A reduced bounce rate, dramatically increased time on page, and an explosive number of unique page views. The campaign also had lasting effects, increasing average daily page views of Elma Ultrasonic Cleaners over the following month by an average of 200%.


Dentists. Lab managers. Cycling enthusiasts. What do they all have in common? They all rely upon precision tools to get their jobs done. These tools need to be in pristine condition to work well, and the best way to get them up to standard is with an Elma Ultrasonic Cleaner.

The omnichannel:

  • The Homepage
  • The Pop-Ups
  • The Email
  • The Social Posts
  • The Search Results
  • The Blog Post
  • The Category Leaderboard Banner
  • The End (and The Beginning)

The Homepage

Elma Ultrasonic cleaners aren’t just for lab professionals. They’re also for passionate hobbyists. That’s why we used the homepage banner to showcase a compelling image featuring various items that an Elma Ultrasonic Cleaner can clean to keep them in their best condition.

Jewelry. Dental hygiene tools. Circuitboards.

Without getting Daigger’s audience to read too much, we were able to showcase the versatility with one big beautiful image.

The Pop-ups

We wanted Daigger’s message to be heard loud and clear. That meant sharing it with every Daigger customer, even if ultrasonic cleaners weren’t the thing they came looking for. To do this, we set up pop-ups to grab website visitors’ attention on every relevant and semi-relevant page. They featured small, compelling images with short, compelling messages.

In this case, we juxtaposed the professional quality of the instrument with the approachable price point. This meant Elma’s message got in front of an additional 1,970 customers during the campaign.

Pop-ups are a conversion optimization tool that:

  • Encourage customers who are almost ready to buy to take a lower commitment action and move toward a sale
  • Help businesses grow their email lists with engaged contacts
  • Generate leads to provide sales reps with a solid starting point for their outreach
  • Increase revenue so companies can laugh straight to the bank

    … by showing personalized messages based on a website visitor’s behavior.

In simpler terms, pop-ups help companies make connections that matter. All they have to do is show the right messages to the right people. We decided to show Elma Ultrasonic Cleaners on any page on Daigger’s site related to cleaners, period.

The Email

Whether you’re trying to reach prospects, leads, or current customers, email marketing is an opportunity to speak to your customers directly. To be friendly. Approachable. Human.

Email marketing also gives you more space to say what you need to say, or in this case, show what you need to show. In the case of Elma’s Ultrasonic Cleaners, our creative team got to highlight the design of Elma’s amazing product. Showing Daigger’s audience how easy it is to use Elma’s Ultrasonic Cleaners with a simple creative image conveys more than words could.

It wasn’t just your run-of-the-mill buy me email.

It was more of a this is how you use me. This is why you should use me. This is why I clean your tools better than that other cleaner.

It was a bit-sized crash course that the lab professionals and passionate hobbyists didn’t ask for, but deserved. Our email design and copy saw an outstanding open rate of 17.7% from Daigger’s audience.

The Social Posts

We wrote and designed social posts for Daigger’s LinkedIn and Facebook accounts to promote the campaign to their social followers.

These social posts were versatile and special. They showcased the diversity of not just the product, but also the people that use them.

Together, these social posts generated 4.8x higher impressions than Daigger usually saw, meaning that because of the text content and visuals of these posts, audiences saw them 4.8x more, even if they didn’t click, comment, or engage with them.

To be seen, to be heard, and to have your product recognized as an asset within a targeted community in itself is a challenge. Even if the audience that saw these social posts were not on the market for Ultrasonic Cleaners, Elma and Daigger will be at the top of their minds when they end up needing some.

The Search Results

We didn’t want Daigger customers to have to dig too deep for Elma’s Ultrasonic Cleaners. So, we put them at the top of the search results using a search results banner. It was our way of putting Daigger’s best foot forward.

We also used the search results as an opportunity to show off our sparkly visuals again. That’s the thing about good branding - visuals are not just nice images to look at with fun words to read. If a Daigger customer saw our Elma graphics in an email earlier in the week and didn’t act on it, they’re now reminded of how cool they thought it was the first time they saw it, likely prompting real action.

The Blog Post

Our editorial team wrote a comprehensive "What Features Make the Best Ultrasonic Cleaner for your Tools and Labware?" blog post. It gives readers a deep dive into the world of Elma’s Ultrasonic Cleaners, outlining:

- What it is
- How it works
- How long it takes
- Why it’s better than other cleaning methods
- Why other users in your industry prefer Elma Ultrasonic Cleaners over all the other cleaners in the land

… and even goes on to explain which cleaning solution works best for your purpose.

The intent of this content is not to convert. It’s to educate, and to establish that Elma and Daigger are authorities of this realm.

The blog also gave us the opportunity to capture search results for all types of users, purchasers or not, to increase the overall search value of the page, which links back to the Elma Ultrasonic Cleaners page. And by extension, we increase the value of that page so more users are likely to end up there over the medium and long term.

To maximize the chances of being seen and heard by the right audiences, we packed the content with keywords that cleaner users would punch into Google, otherwise known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). By making Elma’s Ultrasonic Cleaners on Daigger’s site rank high in search engine results, we showed competitors that there’s only room for one cleaner, and its Elma’s.

The blog post also set the perfect stage for interlinking. What’s interlinking? It’s when a page - any page - connects to another page using a URL. You can think of it like a spider web, slowly webbed together using various links. What does interlinking accomplish? The more links a page receives, the more significant it appears to search engines. That means when laboratory employees or hobbyists search for ultrasonic cleaners on Google - boom! Elma Ultrasonic Cleaners.

The Category Leaderboard Banner

Depending on browser settings, not everyone sees pop-up messages, so we decided to implement Elma Ultrasonic branding on category pages too.

In a nutshell: a leaderboard banner is a horizontal banner across the top of a webpage. Imagine a billboard along the highway. When website visitors first land on a webpage, the leaderboard banner is the first representation of a brand they usually see. Fill that space with something great, or lose your shot at captivating your audience.


During the campaign, 6,379 Daigger customers engaged with Daigger’s Elma Ultrasonic Cleaner emails.

1,970 customers engaged with the pop-ups.

And the pageviews of the product page soared by 2,424%.

And Elma sold a substantial amount of Elma Ultrasonic Cleaners to Daigger’s audience.

And to achieve all this, we didn’t revolutionize or change Elma’s product in any way, nor did we disrupt the natural habitat of Daigger’s site. We simply highlighted what made Elma Ultrasonic Cleaners special. Then we grew the magic with art. With words. With the elements of surprise that inspire lab professionals to invest in their tools, to invest in their work, and to invest in themselves.

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