"Imposters on the Zoom!" Finalist at 15th Annual International Book Awards: Transforming B2B Marketing and Sales

We are thrilled to announce that our book, "Imposters on the Zoom!" by our President and CEO John Buie and Editorial Director Jason Hagerman, has been named a finalist in the Business: Sales category at the 15th Annual International Book Awards™ sponsored by AMERICAN BOOK FEST™ this June 2024. This recognition is more than a milestone—it’s a testament to the transformative strategies presented in the book designed to transform B2B marketing and sales operations.

With this award, John and Jason join past winners who are some of the biggest names in the publishing industry – Amy Tan, Anne Lamott, Vanessa Williams, Shark Tank’s Daymon John, Brad Thor, Pope Francis, Kitty Kelley, Anne Geddes, Clive Barker, Julie Andrews, and many others.

If you want to improve your sales leads and be at the top of the game, you need to pick this book up. The book is equally suited to owners and managers of businesses. This book has a lot of powerful and practical advice for anyone who has anything to do with sales and business growth.”

-   OnlineBookClub.org 

"This was the much-needed book in the life of the reader who enjoys business and money/career-driven books. If you haven’t yet, grab your copy of this special guide and business-related book today if you haven’t done so already.”

-   Pacific Book Review  

Why This Recognition Matters to You

As business owners, marketing, and sales leaders, you face constant challenges in maintaining a robust sales funnel, generating quality leads, and motivating your team. "Imposters on the Zoom!" provides the tools and insights you need to tackle these challenges effectively.

Overcoming Over-Reliance on Legacy Customers

One of the key issues addressed in "Imposters on the Zoom!" is the dangerous over-reliance on legacy customers. Many B2B companies find themselves in a vulnerable position when a significant customer suddenly reduces their orders. This book provides strategies to diversify your customer base and ensure a steady stream of new leads.  

"You don’t know until that one big purchase doesn’t show up in the second quarter," says Buie. "Then suddenly you’re down. Scrambling to figure out the problem. And the real problem is that you had too many eggs in that basket." 

By implementing the lead generation strategies detailed in the book, you can safeguard your business against such risks, ensuring long-term stability and growth.

Addressing Imposter Syndrome and Employee Retention

Imposter syndrome is a pervasive issue in the workplace, particularly in B2B marketing and sales roles. It leads to job dissatisfaction, high turnover rates, and impacts business performance. "Imposters on the Zoom!" offers practical solutions to combat these feelings, helping your team gain confidence and excel in their roles.  

"The right application of training, guidance, and oversight can help staff overcome the major disruptions that send them from job to job," notes Hagerman.

Building a Resilient Lead Generation System   

The book emphasizes the importance of an evergreen lead generation system. Such a system ensures that your business can generate a predictable volume of sales leads every month, regardless of the specific staff doing the job. This predictability is crucial for insulating your business from the impacts of losing a major customer or experiencing rapid staff turnover.

"When a B2B can generate a predictable volume of sales leads every month, regardless of the specific staff doing the job, it’s protected from the risks that cause the majority of these businesses to fail within 2-5 years," says Buie.  

How "Imposters on the Zoom!" Can Transform Your B2B Business

Practical, Actionable Insights

"Imposters on the Zoom!" is filled with practical, actionable insights that you can implement immediately to improve your marketing and sales strategies. The book includes checklists, walkthroughs, illustrations, and links to additional resources, making it an invaluable tool for both new and experienced team members.

"We wanted to create a resource to help people feel safer and less stressed about the state of the business," says Hagerman. 

Streamlined Onboarding and Training   

The book's comprehensive nature makes it an excellent resource for onboarding new employees and upskilling existing ones. By providing clear, detailed steps and practical examples, it helps reduce the time it takes for new hires to become productive and confident in their roles.

"It helps shorten that new staff member’s time-to-competency in the industry and time-to-productivity in the role," Buie says. 

Long-term Business Growth    

Implementing the strategies from "Imposters on the Zoom!" will not only help you address immediate challenges but also set the stage for long-term business growth. By building a resilient lead generation system and addressing imposter syndrome, you can ensure that your team is motivated, effective, and capable of driving sustained growth.  

"A simple system can change the trajectory of the entire business," emphasizes Hagerman. 

Join the Journey

We invite you to join us on this journey to excellence. Whether you’re struggling with lead generation, dealing with high employee turnover, or looking to enhance your marketing and sales strategies, "Imposters on the Zoom!" offers the insights and tools you need to succeed.

"With a blueprint like this, you can establish a baseline of predictable, manageable year-over-year growth that insulates the business from the impacts of a big customer loss or rapid staff turnover," says Buie

For more information on how Journey Better Business Group can help your business achieve its goals, connect with John and Jason on LinkedIn and join the conversation about the future of B2B marketing and sales.  

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Thank you for celebrating this achievement with us. Here’s to many more milestones and successes on the horizon!